Unity 3D Gets a Second Wind

Unity 3D game engine

In the previous articles, we discussed that mobile app development industry has reached a new level. Virtual and augmented reality are on the rise, customers are obsessed with mobile animation, 3D models and other "gaming" elements. Due to the growing scale and complexity of the challenges that app developers have to deal with, there is a strong need of new tools to help them fight against the titans, not just insects.

How to Name a Travel Agency?

How to name a travel agency

The onset of the digital era took tour and travel industry to a new level. Along with maps, tour guides, handbooks and various online platforms where you can order a taxi, book a hotel or find a storage for your luggage, travel agencies have moved to the web too. All of them now have websites and mobile apps.

RxBus - an Event Bus Based on RxJava and Optimized for Android

RxBus - an Event Bus for Android

Event bus is a great solution that allows objects with different lifecycles and located in different layers of hierarchy to communicate.

I venture to suggest that if you have an event bus in your Android application, most likely you use libraries like Otto or EventBus. However, Otto from Square was officially deprecated.

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