Software QA Testing: Outsourcing vs. Crowdsourcing

QA Testing: Outsourcing vs. Crowdsourcing

Writing code is hard. For some, this may come as a surprise, software quality assurance and testing are not easier. Reporting bugs may not require too much technical skills. But the same cannot be said about evaluating a product from customer's perspective, understanding software product features, developing a test strategy and planning the test cases within strict deadlines.

Anadea Ranked Among Top Web Development Companies in Belarus

Top Web Development Company in Belarus

Belarus is rapidly earning the reputation of the most reliable country for outsourcing of IT services. Many Belarusian companies are now successfully competing with the leading IT firms across the globe. The situation has reached the point where it is becoming difficult for service seekers to select a reliable IT partner, and not because of the dearth of able companies.

Software Development: Do It In-House or Outsource?

Software development outsourcing vs. insourcing

We often hear that we live in the world of possibilities. However, how often do you hear what these possibilities are?

Look at Apple. We love their computers and phones, the quality and innovations they bring. We also know that their products are a bit pricey - the newest iPhone would cost about $1000 or more. $1000 for a device assembled in China!

QA Engineers: What Are They Doing?

QA Engineers: What Are They Doing?

Quality assurance is a little more than just running an app on a device and saying that it works in the app development world. That's something any of us can do, but it's not about quality assurance. Today I'd like to give an answer to the old question: what does a QA engineer do, what's his role, mission, and responsibilities?

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