How to Create a Viable Flight or Hotel Booking App

How to create a flight search app

How do the flight search and hotel booking industry should work in the age when Elon Musk says he's going to develop a neural interface for telepath-like thoughts exchange? I'll describe it in two words: fast and easy. Oh, wait, that's three words… Nevermind, queues at the air ticket offices and blind looking for a place to stay at night have turned into scary stories for kids. Names Anadea One of the Top App Developers in Ukraine

Top App Developers

We've got great news to share! According to the report published by, Anadea Inc. was featured as one of the Top App Development Companies in Ukraine. is a new freelance marketplace where people with app ideas can find qualified app developers for their projects. Actually, the platform is designed to help both sides of the app development world.

Mobile First or Rumors of Desktop's Death are Greatly Exaggerated?

Mobile app vs. Web app

In the world of app development, success isn't the last thing to think of. The entrepreneurs founding IT startups often wonder: "Are apps better than websites? Should I start with desktop app or hybrid one? How many platforms to pick?". It's a natural way of thinking, especially when all the Internet is talking about mobile first trend. Let's see what is mobile first good for and try to solve the dilemmas above.

SEO For a Client: What Do You Need to Know?

Search engine optimization

If you are an owner of a business which has something to do with online sales you definitely were wondering how to attract potential clients with the help of the Internet and make it as effective as possible. The answer to the question is obvious: take advantage of advertising. The first variant is pay-per-click advertising and promoting your business in social media, however, these options are not always sufficient.

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