Naming a Business: 7 Popular Business Name Generators

Finding a business name

Choosing a business name is often a challenging and demanding process. It's not easy to find the name that perfectly aligns with the nature of your product, its concept and functionality. We have explored naming tools and selected the most interesting ones. Here is our list of the best business name generators, with a summary of their strengths and weaknesses.

Why You Should Port Your Android App to iOS or Vice Versa?

Why to port your app to another platform

There is a joke in game industry: if you want to get profit from one game several times - port it to another platform. Look at Rockstar company, for example. In 2013 Grand Theft Auto V assailed consoles with sales in millions of copies and billions of dollars. When the craze has died down, they released the game on PCs, added some updates and ta da - GTA V became the market leader again!

How to Pick a Perfect Name for Your Real Estate Business?

How to choose a name for property business

Real estate industry is a wide and profitable segment that will hardly ever fall into decay. That's why it is not surprising that many companies provide their services in that business area. If you are going to enter this market, one of the critical steps you have to take is to find an awesome name for your company. I'll try to help you with this task.

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