Custom Software Development in the World of Tech

Custom Software Development in the World of Tech

If you want to live in the modern world you have to know at least something about technology for it has deeply penetrated all spheres of life. Moreover, this awareness becomes even more crucial if you're doing some business and want to prosper. All kinds of companies - from small family ones to large international enterprises - go digital in this or that way.

Apple iPhone 7: a Game Changer for Mobile App Developers or Just New Smartphone?

iPhone 7: game changer from Apple

On 7 September, 2016 there took place the most-wanted event for all fans of Apple devices - new iPhone 7 was released. It's obvious in what way new device of Apple attracts buyers: increased speed, waterproofing and built-in camera approaching in its quality to professional SLRs. Let's look closer at opportunities that the new phone opens up to entrepreneurs and mobile app development companies.

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