Who are Quality Assurance Engineers and Why do You Need One?

QA engineers: why you need them

What makes you to delete an app? I don't talk about ordinary, useless apps or about copycats. Let's say app has some innovative things and killer features. Let's say you really need this app in your life and yet you deleted it. Why? Let's answer this with another question: who will keep an app that's full of bugs, freezes, glitches and crashes?

Ecommerce Mobile App Trends 2017: New Opportunities for the Market

Ecommerce mobile app trends

Have you thought that just 20 years ago there were no smartphones? The web industry was focused on purely PC and laptop users. The emergence and rapid spread of smartphones have dramatically changed not only our daily lives but also the online industry. To date, more than half the world uses smartphones and the volume of mobile and tablet traffic surpasses the volume of desktop traffic.

Anadea is in The Top 10 App Development Companies of Ukraine

Top App Development Companies in Ukraine

Skilled software developers is one of the things Ukraine is famous for. Ukrainian app developers are praised for their strong technical expertise, work ethics and moderate prices. No wonder that many entrepreneurs looking for a reliable IT outsourcing provider opt for Ukrainian app development companies. However, as the choice of Ukraine-based developers is extremely wide, how to choose the right one for your business?

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