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11 Easy Ways To Execute Ecommerce Landing Page Tweaks That Increase Customer Conversion

Benefits from landing pages are not achievable in an instant. Every progress in your landing page will be coming from the continuous effort and constant gathering of information. Tweaking your landing page will not stop unless you got the right formula in getting higher conversion rates for your e-commerce business.

This article will show you 11 different practices done by designers and developers to generate higher conversion rates through your e-commerce site's landing page. If this interests you, continue reading and we will ensure real results from these techniques.

Make a good first impression

Good first impression

Source: Shopify

First of all, you need to establish a memorable first impression through your landing page. Your landing page also needs to have a fresh and relatively unique design to make it stand out among other landing pages. The typical way of making your landing page visually appealing is by incorporating photos in general. You can make use of your product images that are professionally shot and high-quality. If you are on a tight budget, and cannot afford to invest in a professional photographer, you can opt to do it yourself by studying product photography guides to help you. You can even put different dynamic elements and concise copies on the page if you like.

Another way to create a compelling first impression from your landing page is to insert a personalization value coming from your users. In this way, you can easily connect with your audience and give your brand, product, or service an immediate relationship with them. It will be easier to market to them because of the values you share with them.

Maximize white space

White spaces are used in graphic design to put focus on a particular element where your readers or viewers should look. At the same time, it serves as a breather or a place where your eyes can rest from the text. You cannot bombard the whole canvas with writing; it should have breathing spaces or white spaces.

White spaces are not necessarily colored white; it is mainly empty space. These spaces can increase the readability rate of your content, give more focus to your readers, and better user experience.

White space

Source: BigMarker

Take a look at BigMarker's landing page. The page does not contain so many text (which make it not overwhelming), and it is not crammed all together. It helps customers to focus on what is important, and understand completely what the offer is about.

Optimize your landing page for search

SEO landing pages are optimized to be seen in different search engines. Landing pages often have short or a small number of contents inside it, which most developers think that landing pages do not need to be optimized. However, if you are aiming for maximum efforts in giving a higher conversion rate to your site, do not miss this opportunity.

Ranking higher on search engines can help in giving more landing page traffic, and ultimately, more website traffic to your site; traffic makes your site prone to more conversion if your landing page is persuasive and helpful enough to your visitors.

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Select your colors strategically

Selecting your colors are not only based on what your consumers want to see or what is aesthetically appealing for you. There are different meanings when you use a particular color. Along with that, pairing it with the right color can direct your audience's attention to your landing page. Here are some colors and their meaning:

  • Blue - trust, security, sincerity
  • Green - health, environmentalism, creativity
  • Red - energy, excitement
  • Pink - love, sexuality
  • Purple - quality, royalty
  • Black - sophistication, luxury
  • Orange - enthusiasm, creativity
  • Yellow - happiness, attention-grabbing

Select colors

Source: Talor&Jørgen

Talor&Jørgen, a Norwegian coffee roastery uses soft versions of the primary colors in their landing page. This is their way to express their warm and playful brand identity.

Provide social proof

Social proof is the validation of your brand's social position towards different people. It may come from your old and loyal clients, or other famous people such as bloggers, influencers, and celebrities.

Social proof

Source: Wrike

You can put some social reviews from your customers that gave positive feedback on your products or services. Also, feature some influencers that your brand can benefit because of their positive reputation on a set of audience. Another kind of social proof is putting counters on how many people are shopping right now on your site, how many purchased an item, and more.

Make your landing page responsive

Since more and more people are using their mobile devices, it is essential to give more attention to users of various handheld gadgets. One of the most important things you can focus is to make your landing page adapt to any screen size of any mobile device.

Responsive web

Source: Uber
Responsive mobile

Google recommends this design pattern, and it mainly gives your landing page a mobile-friendly atmosphere. Not only you can help and cater to many mobile users, but you can also rank higher in the search engine results page.

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Consider adding a live chat

Live chat

Source: Intercom

Live chats can mainly help in giving higher conversion rates if executed in its maximum potential:

  • First, you must be speedy in your performance. This is a communication opening for you and your audience so you must not waste this opportunity to build rapport with your audience.
  • Second, be mindful of the peak times of your site or landing page traffic. With this, you can be easily ready to support your customers.
  • Third, do not forget to share your social media accounts in your chat experience.
  • Lastly, optimize your live chat to its fullest. Always test and find if something hinders your live chat experience.

Help users navigate your landing page

Your users should have excellent user experience with regards to the navigation of your page. Directional cues are elements that can help you with this aim in your site and landing page. These elements guide your visitors in parts that are vital to be seen by your users in the landing page. You can make either an explicit one which uses arrows to direct into a certain element or a suggestive one that uses different elements to lead the users to a specific important feature.

Navigate Navigate-2

Source: Instapage

Arrows are the commonly used directional cues in landing pages because they are simple and easily understood. Take a look at Instapage's landing page (refer to the images above) - they inserted an arrow at the top part of their landing page to lead the customers to their CTA located further below.

Improve your forms

Your forms are also communication openings for you and your audience. Make sure that your forms are working well. Remember to always ask only for the information you need. Many people are asking too much information, such as school went, income, etc.


Source: Premier Agent

Those details are not necessary for some functions you need to do in your site. Make also your forms easy to fill-up. Optimize it in a way that it is understandable to users and the choices and answers are well-represented in the forms. Lastly, make also the design of the forms responsive. Everything in your site should be designed responsively.

Premier Agent's page has a short and sweet and straight-to-the-point form. They only ask for their customer's name and contact information.

Capture audiences by using explainer videos

Explainer videos

Source: SharpSpring

We all love moving or dynamic content. Instead of explaining or instructing about your landing page through text, you may opt to teach it through video content. We call this an explainer video. Explainer videos save a lot of effort in creating copies and written instructions for your users. With just one to two minute video, you can still achieve the same goal. Just ensure that your explainer video is not bland and it should be fascinating to grab the attention of the viewers.

A/B test on a regular basis

A/B test is not done once only; you need to do it every once in a while. You need to look at different metrics and analytics of your landing page. Through this, you may know what the different factors that help in making your landing page a success or a failure are.

A/B test

Source: Groove

A/B test-2

You can create different designs and test all of it to know what will perform better and appeal better to your audience. With this testing every once in a while, you can easily achieve the best performing design of your site that can give the best influence in your conversion rates.

Groove's conversion increased from 2.3% to 4.3% after redesigning their landing page.


With these eleven different practices, your landing page will be a success. However, we said earlier that landing page benefits are not achieved in an instant, so along with this, you need to put your effort and patience to get the best results for your landing page and your website.

This is a guest post by Andi Croft. Andi is a freelance writer whose main interests are topics related to business, technology, and travel. This is brought about by her passion about going around the world, meeting people from all walks of life, and bringing along with her the latest tech to enhance her adventures.