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11 Tips to Make Your Application Stand Out in Mobile App Store

In the App Store, you can find a nice application for almost any purpose. At the same time, there are so many solutions for every task and if you are going to launch your own app, your potential customers can go astray in a huge list of alternatives and may simply overlook your pearl.

You have invested a lot of energy and assets to create a perfect application. How would you ensure that users can find it? Tons of new apps are added to the App Store every day. So, how to promote your application without getting lost in the highly competitive world? Here are some answers:

1. Choose a narrow niche and start from there

To get your app off the ground, you should find a narrow niche to put your application in. When you gain some traction and acquire some loyal users, encourage them to leave reviews of your app. Then, you can gradually broaden the niche you focus on. Once you earned a good reputation and established your app in the market, you will have the capacity to start beating your competitors.

2. Get noticed through ASO

App store optimization

Apple says that 65% of application downloads originate from search, and there are more than 500 million weekly visitors on the App Store. These are impressive numbers and they drastically increase the importance of having a solid organic presence. App Store optimization is a rapidly evolving but still underutilized strategy for growing the user base of a mobile app, so it's a great way to promote your application.

3. Participate in IT meetup groups

Tech and startup meetup groups are a good source of networking, collecting feedback on your app idea and spreading the word about your app. Find some existing meetups near you or create your own. Meet people who share your interests, discuss your application, create a personal connection with individuals interested in communication with you and receiving updates about your app. This way you can build a responsive and engaged database of contacts for networking and collaboration.

4. Use startup discovery platforms

Online platforms like Product Hunt and BetaList are a good place to validate your app idea, get valuable feedback and create a buzz around your project. These are community driven sites where you can showcase your app and vote for other nice products. Join these platforms in advance and connect with people who share your interests. Once you reach the point when your application is ready for public release, post it to Product Hunt and other startup platforms. This will help to generate more traffic to your website as well as additional downloads and recognition for your app in the App Store.

5. Connect with your customers

Contact your customers

It is important to stay connected with your customers at all stages of creating your app. So, start getting input from your existing customer base at early stages of shaping your app idea and keep in touch with them to get support after releasing your app to the public. Since these people have a positive relationship with you, and as they were invloved in the application development, they are very likely to download your app, vote for it, share with others and support your other marketing initiatives, helping your app to rank better.

6. Use the system impact

Social networking sites provide an effective way to promote your application utilizing the system impact. Offer some rewards for encouraging other people to download your app, spreading the word about your app and promoting it. You can also include some features for sparking the network effect into your application.

7. Built connections with social networking influencers

Bloggers, celebrities and other social media influencers are perfect promoters for any application, as they have an established and active base of loyal followers. Find influencers willing to do free or paid promotion for your project and some of their fans will probably download your app based on their referral.

8. Reach out to growth-hacking agencies

You need to use each and every way to increase downloads of your application in the App Store, which can boost its rank. A growth-hacking agency specializing in mobile app marketing can connect you with influencers who can help promote your app.

9. Advertise through podcasts

Podcasts are an incredible method to connect with an all-around targeted audience. Whatever niche your application serves, you can find a few prevalent podcasts with a wide audience of engaged listeners.

10. Troubleshoot your app, then grow

While launching your application, you have to make sure that you receive a positive feedback from your clients. A poor rating at early stages can have a depressing impact on the future of your app. Carefully test and troubleshoot your app before rolling it out to the entire market. When your app is prepared for prime time, utilize all the available free and paid media to kick start its further growth. The major social media platforms, like Facebook, Google and Twitter provide a lot of options to promote and develop your mobile application.

11. Learn from others

Being a pioneer is good, howbeit this involves the risk of making a lot of mistakes. Being next to someone gives you a list of mistakes to learn from which helps you to avoid many pitfalls and makes you a wizard in your clients' eyes. So always learn from the mistakes of your competitors to be successful.

Final words

Though, there are many new apps that emerge every day, making your app to stand out from the competition is not as difficult as you could think. The above tips can help you get the most out of your app and hence, will make your app successful.

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This is a guest post by Aanchal Kaura. Aanchal works as a Content Strategist with Seasia Infotech. She is popular for her impeccable writing skills. She has a flare of writing in technology, mobile development and other business-related topics. Her writing comes from her research and experience with web development.