Corporate e-learning

Adaptive and Seamless: Reimagining Corporate eLearning Solutions

Corporate learning and continuous personal development (CPD) is changing. eLearning is already transforming the education sector, with learning experiences moving away from laptops and tablets onto smartphones.

Now we are on the verge of similar changes in corporate eLearning. One reason for this is shifting consumer trends. People want information in a more convenient smaller screen, including when it comes to digital corporate training. One in five U.S. adults are now smartphone-only Internet users, according to Pew Research Center.

What learners want

As younger generations enter the workforce, attitudes to learning are changing. It was the case that all corporate training was facilitated through instructor-led training (ILT). Or practical training, on the job and shadowing other employees. Often these educational methods are supported by workbooks and other instructional materials.

With numerous off-the-shelf technology platforms, and the opportunity for companies to create their own corporate LMS that is customized to what they need, eLearning in the workplace can be far more versatile, user-friendly and cost effective.

Of course, in some roles and companies, learning 'on the job' and through shadowing is the only option. But in most cases, there is the option and need to provide something more versatile, adaptive and seamless. For many companies, these corporate eLearning solutions can include the following:

  • An eLearning platform. A secure online portal whereby learners can access training materials and providers can manage the process, provide feedback and grade the learning activities completed;
  • Virtual instructor-led training (VILT): providing learners with what they need wherever they are;
  • Learning centered web-conferencing: as a way of bringing teams together learning the same courses from across the country and world.

Combining a mix of the above is also an option, depending on what companies need and what learners want. When building your online corporate training program, you need to think about what will create the most seamless and effective experience for those taking the courses and training you provide staff.

Virtual business learning solutions

One of corporate eLearning trends we are going to see is virtual coaching. Similar to VILT, except that employees can interact with coaches anywhere in the country or world. Coaches can review and monitor activities, then provide advice, feedback and training. Virtual coaching platforms can also host learning materials and videos and other useful sources of information.

Augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are also playing more of a role in corporate learning environments. Now learners can have immersive experiences, reinforcing real-world learning, or providing the sort of training that wasn't possible before AR and VR. Corporate training will generate a much higher ROI when training produces more positive long-term outcomes. With immersive technology, the experience of performing a task - something they do in job roles, or something a company wants them to start doing - will embed more effectively.

Wrapping up

Corporate education no longer needs to stay stuck in the old ways of training staff. With new platforms and processes, training can be immersive, virtual, and whenever necessary or possible, can take place using smartphones. Anything you imagine is possible. With custom eLearning solutions, staff will benefit, absorbing new information more quickly, having access to what they need whenever they need it, and implementing changes as a result of more impactful learning experiences.

About author: Dariya Lopukhina is an online marketer, tech enthusiast and writer. She is a part of the Anadea team where we help entrepreneurs, startups and companies digitally transform and grow. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.