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Anadea's Engineer Wins 1st Award from NEM at All-Ukrainian Blockchain Hackathon

Twice a year (in the spring and the fall), Distributed Lab - one of the leading blockchain technology companies in Ukraine - holds the BlockchainUA conference. This an educational and networking event that brings together industry experts, IT developers, entrepreneurs, investors, students and everyone interested in blockchain and FinTech innovations. During the event, prominent world and Ukrainian experts share their experience and discuss all the aspects of using blockchain technology in different spheres.

After the conference an All-Ukrainian Blockchain hackathon is usually held, where software engineers and crypto enthusiasts work together to solve the challenges with Blockchain technology.

This year, the fifth All-Ukrainian Blockchain hackathon was particularly exciting event for all employees of Anadea as our colleague Dmitriy Selin participated in this hackathon and won! Dmitriy took the first place in the NEM nomination.

About the fifth All-Ukrainian Blockchain hackathon

Blockchain hackathon

Image source: The fifth Blockchain hackathon

On the 15-16th of September, 2018, the hackathon gathered participants from all over Ukraine in an amazingly great place - UNIT.City, Kiev. The goal of the hackathon was to build prototypes of new products based on Blockchain technology. For solving problems, participants were asked to use products of one of sponsors - Remme, NEM, Bloqly, Kuna - as a part of solution. They also were free to apply their own tools and products to solution of their own problem.

The only drawback of the event was that food breaks consisted mainly of pizza (though there were fruits once). After that I couldn't eat pizza for a week, recalls Dmitriy ;) All the rest was perfect!

The start was given at about 11am, teams started coding at about 3-4pm on Saturday (day 1) and first demos were presented at 4:30pm on Sunday (day 2). From 27 ideas pitched at the start, only 20 survived to the finish.

The idea which Dmitriy decided to implement was a simple copyright protection service - IP (intellectual property) proof.

The way to victory

Blockchain hackathon: how it was

Image source: The fifth Blockchain hackathon

Dmitriy entered into a strategic alliance with a couple of guys who were making a universal "wallet" - a browser extension, which allowed programmatically interacting with different blockchains right from the JavaScript on the web page. It's like MetaMask for Ethereum, but also for Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin. The guys added to their wallet an opportunity to work with NEM (yep, NEM was one of the sponsors).

Dmitriy used their wallet to save NEM timestamps signed with hash of anything in blockchain, which makes it possible to hash and anchor in blockchain any block of information. In practice, you can take a text, a picture, a font, etc. freshly invented by you, create a hash and store it in blockchain. Then, in case of a dispute over who invented this object of intellectual property first, you can pull out your hash, that exact transaction, its time and confirm when it happened.

The NEM blockchain, already has Apostille service with a similar purpose, but it does not allow you to search for hashes. Dmitriy created a solution compatible with Apostille which allows searching for hashes.

Winners in the NEM nomination

Image source: The fifth Blockchain hackathon

As a result, Dmitriy won the first place in the nomination from NEM. The guys with the wallet took the second place.

Besides the nomination from NEM, there were also nominations from Remme, Kuna, Bloqly and the organizers themselves.

The brightest projects:

  • Paytomat from the mrBunny team (hello to Max Kudla),
  • Submarine swaps from the "Grebtsy" team,
  • Blockchain voting from some team which name we unfortunately don't know.

These projects got 1-2 awards each in different nominations.

About the IP Proof project

IP Proof project

Image source: The fifth Blockchain hackathon

Here is what Dmitriy says about his project.

Since this is a blockchain project, in this particular prototype I wanted to have only the frontend, which directly interacts with blockchain so that all personal data would not leave the user's browser.

For the frontend, I used VueJS framework and the capabilities of modern JavaScript - access to local files via the file download form.

At first, as a proof of concept, I implemented an application that takes a file or text, calculates a hash, and, with the help of the MetaMask browser extension, which establishes connection with the Ethereum blockchain, sends the required hash and metadata to the pre-written smart contract.

Then, the same behavior was reproduced to work with the NEM blockchain. There are no smart contracts in NEM, but they are not required for such application. The main point is that based on data, a hash is created, based on hash - a private key, based on private key - a public key, based on a public key - an address for it, a specific transaction-message is sent to this address and the payload of this transaction contains data about the hash. Later on, you can compute the address by any hash and check the first transaction to this address. If it has the needed information, then this is the confirmation of ownership. As Jeff, one of the NEM's tops who was an invited guest on the hackathon, said, such "pointer accounts" have a very wide potential for application.

Cheers! And our sincere greetings to all participants!

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