Family Day 1

Family Day 2018 at Anadea

Family Day 1

Anadea continues the tradition of holding an annual Family Day outing for our employees and their families. This time the event took place on June 16, 2018.

In addition to having fun and enjoying some time in nature's lap, Family Day also provides a great opportunity to reinforce our team spirit and recharge our batteries. To achieve that, we prepared for our employees a day filled with adventure, fun competitions, creative experiments, surprises, and, of course, good food cooked on an open fire.


Fun and cool outdoor activities were waiting for our developers from Belarus offices and their family members in the hunting complex "Nikolaevo", surrounded by a dense forest and located on the picturesque bank of the Neman River.

Family Day 2

Solve map-based puzzles, brain puzzles and quest-boxes? Easily! Jump into a ball pool? Of course. Ride inflatable slides? We are all for it. Overcome a ninja park? It's not a problem. Anadea is a great team of IT specialists capable of so many things.

Family Day 3 Family Day 8

BBQ zona with a master class on making burgers made the event even more engaging and let all interested enjoy their own artistic burgers.

Family Day 9

"Mine! Mine! Mine!", "Got it!", "Out!" - the excitement of the volleyball friendly match overwhelmed even the shyest players.

Volleyball match

One of our employees said:

"We have a friendly staff. It is our team that made me fall in love with Anadea. Probably, because of friendly relations in the team, each of us feels at work like we belong here, where everyone is a support and a friend.

As for the overall impression of the Family Day: thank you very much! The place is wonderful. Everything went amazing, there were a lot of positive and bright impressions. And the huge inflatable slides gave me a feeling of some kind of child's happiness"


The team from Ukraine was welcomed in the Cossack Khutor "Galushkovka" - a large ethnographic center based in the former settlements of the Zaporozhian Cossacks. The Khutor carefully preserves the atmosphere of the Cossacks' everyday life and folk traditions.

Family Day 4

Our developers and their family members started the Family Day with a fascinating excursion to an ethnographic museum where they learned about the Cossacks' way of life, culture, traditions and saw interiors that now remained only in museums. They also visited the unique Cross Museum with more than 2000 exhibits.

Our employees immersed into the Cossacks' world with archery and riding a horseback. They also tried themselves in the role of artists in Petrykivka painting, a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting style; made Motanka Dolls that as our ancestors believed protect the family from evil spirits; molded household utensils from the clay.

Family Day 5 Family Day 6

Dmitry Reshetov, who joined our team quite recently, shared his impressions:

"Being the new person at Anadea (I only started a month and a half ago), I was eager to get better acquainted with the team members and, preferably, outside the workplace. Simple human relations, in my opinion, are just as important as professional ones. So, when Lyudmila Katasonova announced the approaching "Family Day", I took the event as such an opportunity, and… I was slightly mistaken.

Family Day at Anadea is not just a "corporate party", it's really a family holiday, organized at the highest level both for adults and for children.

I was impressed with the care of children and their leisure: various contests, master classes, awards for creativity - continuous motion is exactly what they need! And all these activities are good for kids' mind and body. Who of us didn't dream about such spectacular and interesting museum excursions where you can touch the exhibits? Let alone archery, horse-riding and abundance of sweets. In general, my 9-year-old son Ilyukha was so excited that he could not sleep until midnight.

As for adults and the team as a whole. Though initially I treated the event as an opportunity to get to know my colleagues better, in the second minute after arriving in Galushkovka, I realized that I should relax and just be myself. And everyone here will accept you as you are. This is probably the best team one can dream of. We literally communicated family to family, enjoyed this communication, enjoyed the nature, fooled around. Just like "flower children."

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved in organizing this holiday. This is 100% success!"

An ideal outing of the summer 2018

Our summer outing, undoubtedly, was a success. And the main indicator that our Family Day was organized and held with a bang is that the employees discuss the event with fascination and look forward to the next summer event.