Convenience of enterprise apps

Apply the Power of Enterprise Applications to Your Business

I'd like to begin with a story about Tom, who worked for a relatively big company for about 10 years and was happy. Last year he had a sudden change of plans and had to move the date of his holiday, but his unread email was lost among a number of others. As a result, nobody knew that that morning he was lively packing his suitcase to leave for the airport, when a sudden call from his boss interrupted his happy thoughts. His manager was furious as he couldn't find Tom at his desk and knew nothing of his holiday time. Unluckily for Tom, this completely ruined his plans and his mood as he had to rush to the office in order to sort everything out and provide the required information to his boss urgently.

The thing was that one of their counterparts was to arrive to their office, but due to the difference in time zones his tickets had been booked for the wrong time. He had to be warned about the change and only Tom's computer kept his home phone number and other personal information. As a result, Tom almost got fired in the heat of the moment. Why I am telling you this story is because all of this could have easily been avoided if the company had used enterprise applications to control their day-to-day activities.

The good news is that nowadays there are digital databases and all kinds of programs that help to arrange and manage the work of your employees. Moreover, with the rising number of smartphone owners, the tendency for companies is to go mobile and explore new areas of modern enterprise application development. The benefits of enterprise apps are quite obvious, let's take a look at some of the most important ones.

Improved teamwork

With the help of such apps you can keep team managers up to date with the amount of work being done daily, the current state of the project as well as its overall progress. Moreover, mobile apps can create a time map of all the appointments, meetings and personal tasks and post them automatically to all team members. It’s a really good strategy for your company in case there are remote workers involved. This feature will greatly help to coordinate everyone. "The average interaction worker spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek managing e-mail and nearly 20 percent looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks."

Undoubtedly, you can get the best visibility when all the tasks, schedules and projects are displayed on a single dashboard. Progressive enterprise app development technologies allow many other great features. Thanks to digital time sheets and personal calendars it becomes easy to track work times and projects. You also have the ability to store this information without any paperwork and reduce the possibility of making an error to a minimum. You get instant access to information about your employees’ schedules, sick leaves, absence and holiday requests. You can check how convenient it can be if you look at Turbine.

Bidirectional access and better time management

It means that now you can access the stored information from both sides. In case of mobile apps it becomes possible for the employees to manage the data at any place or time. Your workers don't have to waste time sitting in the halls awaiting for their turn to see the HR specialist in order to update some piece of information on their personal profile like contact details, qualification or competencies. It also gives the possibility to HR managers to review information about candidates and their CVs as well as to set or reschedule job interviews easily.

Enterprise mobile application development doesn’t stand still and nowadays there are already plenty of useful apps that help to save your time and let you focus on more important tasks. Envoy, for example, is an app that allows guests to sign-in themselves, take a photo, print their visitor badge. It also ensures data confidentiality and notifies the manager when there is a guest waiting at the reception. Isn't this a huge time saver?

Keeping in touch

It is extremely easy to be in the know thanks to mobile apps because you are able to contact anyone you need whenever you require it whether you are at your desk or on the way back home. In addition, you can always keep your employees updated through instant push notifications. They allow you to immediately inform everyone about the news, upcoming changes or urgent messages. Moreover, you can set automated reminders or make the system schedule the events for you.

Instant access is becoming an integral part of any business nowadays. For example, you can report expenses and acquisition requests from outside the office. It is very convenient when something needs to be approved at once. It ensures not only speed but accuracy in reports as well, as you can always upload and attach a photo of your receipts, documents or photocopies taken with your smartphone camera.

Mobile recruiting

It's not a secret that today people search for jobs mainly (if not exclusively) on the Internet. According to recent studies: "65% of people are using their mobile devices to search for jobs, and this trend isn't isolated to younger job seekers". And of course, apps that facilitate this process like LinkedIn Job Search or Job Search have gained great popularity with both Android and iOs users. But there are not that many quality apps that are specifically designed to help to look for candidates. Just think how it could aid you HR managers to find the best talents for your company. Moreover, it would make the choice easier, faster and more accurate.

In conclusion...

Once, simple post-it notes were considered a life saver in helping you to organize your tasks. Later we made use of e-mails that allowed us to keep in touch with everyone at work and send information to any part of the world. Now they are becoming obsolete as apps are coming into use. They are like a bridge that helps all the employees of one business or industry to be on the same wavelength and have the necessary context in order to work properly, accurately and without delay.

Moreover, when you consider what a huge number of smartphones were sold in the last few years and the amount of revenue they brought, it becomes clear that it would be great to put these devices to use. As people go mobile, so should companies. It is simply inexcusable to lose your competitive ground in the business world by ignoring the best practices that modern developers have to offer. Just make sure to work with a top enterprise software development company and follow the best practices when developing your application.

So you see now that Tom’s life could have been pretty much easier if he had had the possibility to use some achievements of enterprise mobile app development. All of this, including the mix-up with time zones and Tom's holiday date could have been avoided. And if he had had a mobile app installed on his smartphone, he could have simply reached his work database from home and sent a short message to his foreign colleague. It would have been the easiest solution to help him quickly sort things out and happily set off on his journey!

There are thousands of useful apps at your fingertips, but not all of them can be integrated into one big system that would work for each employee. A useful tip here is to develop a custom application specifically for the needs of your company with all the necessary features.

If you are looking to create a custom enterprise app, we have expertise and resources to help you. Contact us!