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What is JVM and Why it is Worth to Develop Apps on Java Platform

Advantages of Java and JVM

The history of Java began in 1995, when the first version of this programming language was released. "Write Once, Run Anywhere" (WORA) was the slogan of the new language. This meant that Java was not just another programming language, but a whole platform which you could use to build applications for evrything, from powerful servers in data centers to a coffee machine in your kitchen.

Unity 3D Gets a Second Wind

Unity 3D game engine

In the previous articles, we discussed that mobile app development industry has reached a new level. Virtual and augmented reality are on the rise, customers are obsessed with mobile animation, 3D models and other "gaming" elements. Due to the growing scale and complexity of the challenges that app developers have to deal with, there is a strong need of new tools to help them fight against the titans, not just insects.

Java: Myths, Realities and Prospects for App Development

Java: Myths, Realities and Prospects for App Development

According to TIOBE, Java has become the programming language of 2015 having outrun C, C++ and 17 other languages, and it has been holding this position to the present day. This fact is quite fascinating taking into account the 20 year old age of the language and the long-standing stereotypes concerning it. I interviewed Alexander Mikhalchenko, a Java programmer in Anadea, about what Java is.

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