Articles by Alexsander Khutornoy

How to Verify Users' Passwords Using the Android KeyStore

Android security

Everybody knows that security is a very important issue for users and therefore developers should take a proper care of it. There are many posts about Android security in the Internet - some them explain difference between cryptography algorithms, others are dedicated to basics of Android security. In this post I will spotlight a single use case Android developers may face in their work.

How to Pre-populate Android Room Database on First App Launch

Programming tips

Sometimes we need an application to be prefilled with some data on its first launch. Usually, we would make a REST query and receive the data from backend, but our application is standalone so that the only data source we have is our apk file. In this article I will describe a recipe how to prepopulate Room database with a small data set and how to do it with a few simple steps.

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