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PostgreSQL and Sphinx Search Seamless Integration

PostgreSQL and Sphinx Search Integration

Full-text search is one of the most common tasks in the web development. Popular RDBMSs, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, have built-in mechanisms for it. Unfortunately, their implementations are far from perfect. A simple breakdown of the words is not suitable for inflected languages, like Russian.

Advantages of React JS: Open-source JavaScript Library

Creating dynamic UI with React JS

Due to the growing popularity of reactive approaches to software development, programmers are now turning with more and more interest to React JS - open-source JavaScript library that solves problem of fast visualization of a big dataflow and simplifies creation of interactive user interfaces.

When it is needed to display dynamic content, template engines are used. They work pretty simple: to the existing template a specific set of data is applied and some of dataset representation is obtained. If data is changed, it has to be displayed in a representation. A programmer needs to write the code which alters representation and synchronizes data changes in one. But, if we already have a template, why don’t we use it? The idea to use template not just at initial rendering but after every data change is fundamental in React JS.

However, for displaying data changes, programmers have to manipulate DOM tree and write code which displays all updates in different specific cases. React JS library is aimed at solving this problem.

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