Articles by Daria Lopukhina

Digital Healthcare: A New Approach to Care Coordination

Digital healthcare

Healthcare is changing, it is going digital, and this is good news for patients and healthcare providers. From telemedicine to genomics, digital transformation in healthcare has the potential to improve patient outcomes, make healthcare as much about prevention as curative treatments, and reduce the overall cost of medical treatment.

Insights for Entrepreneurs Who Are Going To Build a New POS System


A POS system is a very important component in a business but it may not useful if it is out-of-date. How do you know that it is time to upgrade or acquire a new POS system? The first thing you will notice is that your system will become slow or it may even become unresponsive to commands. You may also find that the system has an outdated payment processing, outdated hardware, and limited integration capabilities.

How New Healthcare Tech is Shaping Proactive Treatment

Proactive healthcare

Digital technology and innovation are radically changing healthcare. From research and development to new treatments, apps, platforms and wearables and having a profound impact. Search engines and social networks are also changing the ways patients seek out information and treatments, even if that means going abroad for a cure. Healthcare needs to keep innovating.

Classroom in a Pocket? Creating a Mobile eLearning Environment

Mobile learning

eLearning has transformed modern education. Over the last fifteen years, education has gone from paper to platform and app-based, with students and teachers learning together in remarkable new ways. One of those key trends is the move away from laptops and tablets onto smartphones. Students want the convenience of a virtual classroom on a much smaller screen.

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