Articles by Daria Lopukhina

Are DApps and Smart Contracts Made for Business?

DApps and Smart Contracts

Since 2009, the innovative blockchain technology worked its way from a strange hardly applicable solution to a well-known system which promises to disrupt many traditional industries. While cryptocurrency is still the main blockchain-powered thing, there are much more possible implementations.

How to Create a Solid Business Plan for a Mobile App Startup

Mobile app business plan

If we look at the most important technology megatrends of the last ten years, we can see a clear shift from desktops to smartphones. For most new startups, an app is a necessity for reaching their customers. However, it is no longer enough to create an app and wait for downloads. Whatever sector you're in - whether your customers are B2C or B2B - this puts you up against a lot of competition.

Interactive Storytelling: The Next Big Thing in Travel Apps

Travel storytelling

Earlier this year, Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app exceeded 1 billion users. It is estimated that the Facebook-owned social platform now generates $5.5 billion in advertising revenue, up 70 percent on 2017 figures. Travel - alongside food, drink and fitness - is one of the most popular categories of content on Instagram.

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