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Healthcare Future: Integrating Medical Devices with Health Apps

Integrating Medical Devices with Health Apps

Millions of people download and use health apps. Whether you are tracking steps and exercise using a Fitbit, or counting calories with MyFitnessPal, health apps are increasingly popular amongst every age group. According to an IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science study, there are over 320,000 health-related apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (Android).

How Gamification in the Workplace Impacts Employee Productivity

Gamification in the workplace

Happy employees are more productive. Staff who enjoy their work perform better, work harder and stay with a company longer.

Gamification is one-way employers are making work for staff more enjoyable. Tapping into our need for instant rewards, gratification and feedback, gamification tools are an effective way to engage employees, improve productivity and reduce staff turnover.

Who Are The Best App Developers in Spain?

Best app developers in Spain

Spaniards have firmly established themselves among the world's biggest smartphone users. The percentage of smartphone owners in Spain has already exceeded 65% of the population and smartphone user penetration is predicted to reach over 71% by 2022. This equals to over 30 million users, which creates a sweet spot for IT business and sparks up the Spanish app development industry.

Anadea Ranked Among Top Web Development Companies in Belarus

Top Web Development Company in Belarus

Belarus is rapidly earning the reputation of the most reliable country for outsourcing of IT services. Many Belarusian companies are now successfully competing with the leading IT firms across the globe. The situation has reached the point where it is becoming difficult for service seekers to select a reliable IT partner, and not because of the dearth of able companies.

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