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The Challenges of Introducing a New Mobile App to the Market

Introducing a New Mobile App

A recent study conducted by digital experts AppAnnie predicts the app economy will be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021, up $1.3 trillion since last year and a staggering $5 trillion since 2014. Competition is fierce, and as a result, the Google Play and Apple App stores currently comprise of over 5 million apps combined, with new applications entering the market daily.

The Hottest Trends in the Travel App Development

Travel app development

Whether it's innovative approaches to loyalty schemes, or procrastination-inducing, brain-numbingly addictive games, the different types of apps promising to enhance our lives in one way or another is staggering. Travel apps are more popular now than ever. Tnooz conducted a study that found that 60% of mobile users have now downloaded and used a travel-related smartphone app.

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