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Software Trends That Enable People To Age In Place Comfortably

Software for people to age

More than 85% of seniors age 65 and older and 71% of people between 50 and 64 want to age in place according to statistics reported by AARP. To successfully age in place you will need to perform instrumental and basic activities of daily living (IADLs). These include tasks that allow you to live independently such as taking prescription medications, cleaning, paying bills and shopping.

How The Internet Of Things Is Set To Transform Our Kitchens

How IoT Transforms Kitchens

It's believed that over 60% of Americans have already got at least one IoT device – and given that this technology has the power to do everything from control your music system to run a bath from your smartphone, it's easy to see why. Over one third of Americans are in the market for a smart car, too, and there's a lot more of this kind of innovation on the way.

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