Articles by Nick Andrew Rojas

Data Strategy for Digital Transformation in the Medical Industry

Digital medicine

As technology blurs the line between digital and physical medical care, private practices and doctors must start using technology to promote the intimate connection necessary in doctor-patient relationships. In 2017, more than 95% of non-federal acute care hospitals used information technology for health care. Technology in medicine is widespread and growing, redefining how we think about healthcare.

Tips to Create a Software as a Service Business Opportunity

SaaS Business Opportunities

In today's digital world, online-based tools are becoming increasingly popular as traditional IT systems are being outdated by the cloud. According to Cisco, 59% of all cloud workflows will be delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) by the end of this year. This integration and flexibility that online tools provide are what draws more companies to transition each year.

In-App Advertising Guide For Developers

In-app advertising

Advertising has always been a source of revenue for companies. Sometimes advertising supplemented subscription revenue, and other times the entire business was funded almost solely from advertising. The latter model is how open-airwave broadcasters made money in the past.

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