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Mobile Apps and APIs: Everything You Need To Know

Mobile Apps and APIs

If you didn't know, mobile apps and APIs are driving business growth and connections. As of 2017, Google Play Store reported 2.8 million available apps, with Apple's App Store reporting 2.2 million available apps. While originally offered as tools for productivity and information retrieval, such as calendars and email, the market has quickly expanded to the demands and needs of users.

Are Medical Apps Competing with the Standard Doctor Visits?

Medical Apps vs Standard Doctor Visits

With the rise of e-commerce taking the economy by storm in all industries of business, its effects in healthcare — for the most part — remain to be seen. A recent Forbes article referred to healthcare as the last frontier for e-commerce; we are just beginning to see platforms for online accessible doctors, for medical information, or even just for maintaining fitness.

How Technology Changed the Way We Celebrate the Holidays

How Technology Changed Holidays

Over the years, technology has drastically changed the way we have lived our lives. There is no denying that the modern world is exorbitantly different from the world just 100 years ago. We are currently living in an era that is overwhelmed with technology to make daily living easier, and holidays are not an exception.

Data Strategy for Digital Transformation in the Medical Industry

Digital medicine

As technology blurs the line between digital and physical medical care, private practices and doctors must start using technology to promote the intimate connection necessary in doctor-patient relationships. In 2017, more than 95% of non-federal acute care hospitals used information technology for health care. Technology in medicine is widespread and growing, redefining how we think about healthcare.

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