Articles by Olga Veretskaya

EdTech Startups: To Invest, Or Not To Invest?

EdTech startup

Education development is traditionally considered the responsibility of government in all countries and when we hear the phrase "educational startups" Coursera and Udemy come to mind. However, they are not alone who improve the way we learn. There are more and more companies that try to facilitate the educational process by involving technologies.

Innovative Trends in Medical Software Development 2019

Medical software development trends

Medicine is an area where technology is always welcome. The transformation of healthcare with the help of digital technologies is happening all over the world. How do modern technologies shape the direction of healthcare software development, and what prospects are drawn in the future? How will this affect patients, and what benefits will physicians receive? Let's find out.

5 Cool UI Ideas for Your Mobile App

Mobile UI ideas

Design of user interfaces is something similar to a mixture of art and science. However, it has never been an act of pure creativity. So if you are inspired by the quote "Good artists copy, great - steal", be careful, do not cut yourself with shards of broken illusions. Because Pablo Picasso didn't say that, guys.

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