Articles by Olga Veretskaya

Chatbots In Healthcare Industry: a New Remedy for Old Problems

Healthcare chatbot

Modern medicine is technological medicine. Health institutions are moving from analog to digital, mastering computer analysis and forecasting systems. Technologies in healthcare are not only the latest medical equipment but also industry-specific software that automates work processes. One of the promising areas is the chatbot application in healthcare.

How Big Data Has Transformed the Real Estate Industry

Real estate big data

The digital universe is expanding. In 2012 we entered the Zettabyte Era. Social networks, mobile devices, data from wearable devices, business information are just a few types of sources that can generate huge amounts of data. The forecast for the volume of data created worldwide shows that in 2025 we will reach 163 zettabytes.

How Progressive Web Applications are Changing the Mobile Industry

Progressive web apps

Global web giants Google, Apple and Microsoft work towards the expansion of progressive web apps. Gartner predicts that 50% of all native apps will be replaced by PWAs. It is, of course, too early to talk about the full replacement of mobile applications with progressive ones, however, PWAs already enable businesses to gain success within the mobile area.

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