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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Educational App

Educational app development cost

The good thing about Internet is that sometimes it contains useful information. People who want to learn new skills start their road browsing the web in search of the topic they want to learn. They can find amazing resources that help people learn to play banjo, speak Italian, play chess or even write software in Ruby on Rails.

Integrating Self-Storage Services in Web Software

Self storage software

Self-storage facilities are companies that provide storage space (lockers, containers, garages, etc.) by lease. Often, self-storage companies have multiple locations with a few hundred of units in each. It is quite a big business and it requires management software to keep all units under control. There is special software for their needs.

What is a minimum viable product & how to build an MVP for startup


There are many startup owners who mention a minimum viable product concept when writing a project documentation. To me, a minimum viable product (or an MVP) sounds wonderful because it falls in with our development approach. So, when I see an MVP mentioned in project specs, I start believing that the project owner thinks the same way I do and is familiar with the rest of the Agile (or Lean Startup) methodology.

Best Practices When Managing a Distributed Team

Best practices when managing a distributed team

Internet gives an ability to hire best software developers from all around the world. A smart project owner can even gather a custom team made up of engineers located in different countries. This type of a custom team is also known as a distributed team or a virtual team. Having a distributed team is a great opportunity which, however, can turn out a great catastrophe

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