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Integrating Self-Storage Services in Web Software

Self storage software

Self-storage facilities are companies that provide storage space (lockers, containers, garages, etc.) by lease. Often, self-storage companies have multiple locations with a few hundred of units in each. It is quite a big business and it requires management software to keep all units under control. There is special software for their needs.

What is a minimum viable product & how to build an MVP for startup


There are many startup owners who mention a minimum viable product concept when writing a project documentation. To me, a minimum viable product (or an MVP) sounds wonderful because it falls in with our development approach. So, when I see an MVP mentioned in project specs, I start believing that the project owner thinks the same way I do and is familiar with the rest of the Agile (or Lean Startup) methodology.

Best Practices When Managing a Distributed Team

Best practices when managing a distributed team

Internet gives an ability to hire best software developers from all around the world. A smart project owner can even gather a custom team made up of engineers located in different countries. This type of a custom team is also known as a distributed team or a virtual team. Having a distributed team is a great opportunity which, however, can turn out a great catastrophe

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