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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App for Healthcare?

How much does it cost to develop an app for healthcare?

A cost of medical app development is one of the aspects that should be considered before the project is started. The scope of work required to build a production ready healthcare app may be somewhat unpredictable, but there are several types of modules whose complexity a project owner can consider and assess separately.

Onboarding a New Software Developer: Mistakes to Avoid

Project handover

Software development is no different from other areas of knowledge - some people can master it, some cannot. Some software developers can create high-profile applications, others deliver code full of bugs that never gets into production. As a result, some project owners successfully launch their projects while others struggle through inappropriate "red" builds with a lot of errors over and over again.

Software Development with a Distributed Team

Distributed team

Sending part of work to offshore companies has become natural to many areas of business. Outsourcing software development to countries that have well educated people with decent engineering skills is part of life many project owners are used to.

The idea to find the right engineers turned out to be so good that many project owners even started gathering their own teams and hiring people in different countries.

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