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Legacy Code and Refactoring: Our Guest Post on SourceSeek

Dealing With Legacy Code An article written by our Head of Sales dpt Vadim Kondratiev has been published on SourceSeek blog. This article is dedicated to the overview of the “Legacy Code” concept and it provides insights on the following:

  • What is legacy code and when does the code become legacy?
  • Why developers tend to re-write the code from scratch while customers often prefer to refactor the existing code, and many more.

ERP and Business Management Software - Rolling out with interest

ERP and Business Management Software - Rolling out

Many project owners do not have a clear vision of the way their software will be rolled out. They focus on development instead of solving business problems. Then, when it comes to launching the product, they rely on some "magic" behind software development that should allow the software to be integrated in the business.

ERP and Business Management Software: Introduction

ERP system and business management software

I used to be an engineer rolling out complex software at several manufacturing enterprises, I know some specificity of ERP projects implementation and even have a scientific publication dedicated to optimization of manufacturing equipment loading. So, I plan to write a series of articles and discuss different aspects of development and integrating resource planning systems.

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