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ERP and Business Management Software - Rolling out with interest

ERP and Business Management Software - Rolling out

Many project owners do not have a clear vision of the way their software will be rolled out. They focus on development instead of solving business problems. Then, when it comes to launching the product, they rely on some "magic" behind software development that should allow the software to be integrated in the business.

ERP and Business Management Software: Introduction

ERP system and business management software

I used to be an engineer rolling out complex software at several manufacturing enterprises, I know some specificity of ERP projects implementation and even have a scientific publication dedicated to optimization of manufacturing equipment loading. So, I plan to write a series of articles and discuss different aspects of development and integrating resource planning systems.

Code Review Checklist and Guidelines

What to Focus on When Making a Code Review

Many entrepreneurs owning software products hire vendors to perform a code review of their applications. There are some reasons why they do that, but unfortunately they rarely specify their goals.

It is not clear if there are generally recognized best practices of code review. However, as an engineer who prepared many code audit reports I have my own vision of what clients may want to know about their stuff. So if you are one of those who has a code base or a live software, here are a few thoughts that may help you to get more out of your code review.

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