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Data Privacy Instruments - Advice for Businesses and Consumers

Data privacy instruments

Data privacy issues have exploded in seriousness in the last few years, which turned data breaches into a prominent topic of discussion. Businesses, both online and offline, now have to seriously consider data privacy and how their consumers' information is handled. With regulations such as GDPR rearing their head, this topic cannot be avoided.

How Progressive Web Applications are Changing the Mobile Industry

Progressive web apps

Global web giants Google, Apple and Microsoft work towards the expansion of progressive web apps. Gartner predicts that 50% of all native apps will be replaced by PWAs. It is, of course, too early to talk about the full replacement of mobile applications with progressive ones, however, PWAs already enable businesses to gain success within the mobile area.

How Blockchain Affects the Social Media Development

Social media technology

Social media outgrew the initial use of simply connecting people with distant relatives and friends. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter now stand as one of the most popular and effective marketing tools. However, with billions of people posting various types of content on a daily basis, social networks developed a flaw or two.

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