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7 Ways CRM Can Help Your Small Business Grow Into a Brand

How CRM can help your business

In the thriving and competitive world of commerce, customer relation and satisfaction is vital for success. As technological advancements are facilitating every aspect of human life, developments in the commercial sector are allowing companies to focus on strategies that will improve and manage customer relationships. Most companies are now using CRM software to leverage their businesses.

Breaking the Law! How Video Games Impact Legislation

How games impact legislation

Many of the games contain violence, swearing, tricky jokes, and references with political, racial or religious context. So, my question is logical. How do developers deal with law and how do they influence legislation? During the research, I found out that nothing goes unnoticed by keen eyes of conscious citizens, rival developers' lawyers, and different rating associations, of course.

How to Receive Great Mobile App Reviews

Mobile App Review

The competition for mobile apps can be high, especially as more users rely on apps to fulfill their daily activities. Combined, Google Play and the Apple App Store are home to over 4 million apps. As such, it can be difficult to stand out and gain visibility in such a crowded market. Ratings and reviews can be crucial to gain user trust and loyalty in a store.

Are DApps and Smart Contracts Made for Business?

DApps and Smart Contracts

Since 2009, the innovative blockchain technology worked its way from a strange hardly applicable solution to a well-known system which promises to disrupt many traditional industries. While cryptocurrency is still the main blockchain-powered thing, there are much more possible implementations.

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