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PostgreSQL and Sphinx Search Seamless Integration

PostgreSQL and Sphinx Search Integration

Full-text search is one of the most common tasks in the web development. Popular RDBMSs, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, have built-in mechanisms for it. Unfortunately, their implementations are far from perfect. A simple breakdown of the words is not suitable for inflected languages, like Russian.

Comparative Analysis of Slick 2 and Slick 3

Comparative analysis of Slick 2 and Slick 3

Slick is a library for Scala which allows creating and executing database queries. For working in Scala+Play Framework bunch, Typesafe explicitly recommends using Slick. The idea is that the developer works with the stored data as if he uses Scala-collections, which is a big plus for Scala fans. You just write the code in Scala without distracting on writing SQL-code.

How Not to Lose the Database Logic in Rails Application

How not to lose the database logic in Rails app

In apps that interact with a relational database, it may be necessary to update certain data when some other data is changed. The examples of such tasks are counters, updating statistics and data synchronization in a denormalized database. In Rails, the standard tools for this are callbacks in ActiveRecord models or observers. Sometimes it makes sense to transfer the logic of this kind to the database.

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