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How Big Data Has Transformed the Real Estate Industry

Real estate big data

The digital universe is expanding. In 2012 we entered the Zettabyte Era. Social networks, mobile devices, data from wearable devices, business information are just a few types of sources that can generate huge amounts of data. The forecast for the volume of data created worldwide shows that in 2025 we will reach 163 zettabytes.

Digital Transformation of Real Estate Business with Social Data

Digital Transformation in Real Estate

Digital transformation is not a choice but a necessary step that should be on a must-do list of every real estate business. In the world where online communication is preferred rather than forced, traditional approaches of communicating with clients used by the real estate businesses need to obtain new features in order to remain relevant.

UX Tips to Boost Sales on Your Real Estate Website

UX for real estate website

Every owner of a real estate selling website wants his website to become some kind of a sensation in a housing market and generate leads constantly. Sometimes humble applications with the right idea, and just as important, an outstanding design can grow into a nationwide solution like it happened with one of our projects Agentfolio, an extremely useful tool for buyers and brokers.

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