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How to Use the Power of Gamification in e-Learning

Gamification in e-learning

One day in class, my teacher of history played a mock trial of Napoleon Bonaparte. Was the historic figure a great leader, or a heartless dictator? Investigative materials to the court were the educational material on that topic. The scheme of a lesson and our roles were written on the blackboard. We had separate places for the prosecution and the defence.

Top 3 Things Every Business Startup Should Focus On

Startup business

Starting a business undoubtedly requires time, effort, and hard work. We won't lie, it's not easy, but if you take the correct steps and focus on the 3 more important elements to begin with, your business startup will grow much more easily, and be successful. There are hundreds of things you could be doing, but prioritising where your focus lies is the main task in hand.

How Gamification in the Workplace Impacts Employee Productivity

Gamification in the workplace

Happy employees are more productive. Staff who enjoy their work perform better, work harder and stay with a company longer.

Gamification is one-way employers are making work for staff more enjoyable. Tapping into our need for instant rewards, gratification and feedback, gamification tools are an effective way to engage employees, improve productivity and reduce staff turnover.

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