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How Media Technologies are Leveraging Machine Learning and AI

Media Tech

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are hot topics, and news articles highlighting a new and exciting use case for them seem to spring up every day. AI refers to the ability of machines to demonstrate intelligence, while machine learning is a subset of AI that involves the use of statistical techniques that give computers the ability to learn and improve without being programmed.

How HR Software Can Boost Your Business

HR software

A growing business is an indicator of its success, but more people on the payroll can become a headache for HR personnel. Many tasks have to be duplicated for every employee, often with minute alterations which can in turn affect other aspects. Sifting through employee files is a major time-waster; cross-referencing across multiple pieces of software is unwieldy and awkward.

How to Introduce SEO Practices When Developing New Software

Introducing SEO in Developing Software

SEO has become a catchword in the digital world. As a developer, you may think it's for SEOs and marketers only. But the thing is it touches everyone on the team. Unless you develop rank-worthy software, bringing it to the Google top will be like a deadlift for your teammates. And if your software doesn't get there, it'll lose a lot of exposure to potential customers.

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