Anadea Inc. Internal Mini-conference

Anadea Inc. Internal Mini-conference, December 2, 2015

Holding the conferences has become a good tradition in Anadea. On the 2nd of December 2015, the sixth internal mini-conference was arranged.

This time all reports were made online via Skype: Sergey Lagutin gave a talk from Grodno and Mikhail Bilenko from Alicante. At 4 p.m. the audience gathered around the screens and everybody was looking forward to the interesting speeches.

Sergey Lagutin: Hibernate. Bad practices.

Sergey Lagutin explained how to avoid the most common mistakes when working with Hibernate:

  • how collection type, that describes relationship between entities, influences on the quantity of requests after collection updates;
  • pros and cons of greedy and lazy loading for related entities;
  • why you shouldn't use "Open session in view" pattern in real applications.

In addition, he emphasised that none of ORM frameworks may be effectively used without knowing SQL very well.

When all the questions from the audience were answered, Sergey finished his report and welcomed Mikhail Bilenko to continue the conference with his speech.

Mikhail Bilenko: What differentiates a good design from a bad one or where do carpets on the wall come from?

Mikhail reviewed such things as carpets on the wall, design of bearing-wall houses, interior of temples and benefits of images with beautiful ladies in bikini. That is truly possible when we are speaking about design. However, all the mentioned above is only the outward signs of target topic. Mikhail made an attempt to identify the criteria of good and bad design. He demonstrated examples of both really functional plain designs without frills and good (and not very good) looking but useless interfaces.

When the communication between audience and Mikhail was over, the conference turned into a traditional discussion of the presented topics with pizza and cola. That was a bright ending of this mini-conference.