How to Build a Great Fantasy Golf App

That's interesting to observe how technologies are transforming not only the business world but also the entertainment space. Among the most breathtaking experiences that technology can offer to sports fans all around the world is, probably, fantasy sports. And fantasy golf software is a bright example of this type of solution.

The great interest of users in such apps encourages more and more companies and startups to consider fantasy golf software development as a new opportunity for their business expansion and revenue growth. In this article, we are going to tell you about the peculiarities of these apps and offer some practical tips that will help you to be better prepared for building a custom fantasy golf app.

What is a fantasy golf app?

Before answering the questions on how to develop a fantasy golf app, it is required to make sure that you fully understand what makes these applications special. In general, the category of fantasy sports unites interactive games that allow users to assemble virtual teams of players (who have prototypes in real life). Real sportsmen compete in various matches and tournaments and based on their performance virtual teams get fantasy points.

The concept of fantasy golf works just the same way. There can be different approaches to the selection of players and scoring but the idea is always unchanged. The better sportsmen perform in real life, the more points will be given to a fantasy team.

The history of fantasy golf began long before the introduction of the first web or mobile apps. Already in the 1950s, golf fans were invited to participate in a game that presupposes selecting a roster of professional golf players and then calculating their scores after the chosen tournament.

As you can understand, it was possible to conduct such competitions without any special tech tools. In the 1990s, thanks to sports newspapers fantasy sports started winning the hearts of fans. Two decades later, in the 2010s already, the first fantasy sports games were introduced by several companies.

In general, fantasy sports app development is gaining huge popularity these days as modern tech tools and devices help players to enjoy full immersion and feel real game vibes which was impossible when fantasy sports competitions were organized by newspapers.

To win in fantasy games regardless of the kind of sports that users choose, participants should have good knowledge of the weaknesses and strengths of real-life sportsmen, understand the influence of weather and ground conditions on the sportsmen's performance, and have statistical analysis and digital literacy skills. Given these requirements, it is not surprising at all why participants of fantasy games are deeply involved in everything related to their favorite sports.

According to the report published by Deloitte, 32% of users engaged in fantasy sports usually watch a game/match for more than 3 hours while only 14% of sports fans who do not participate in fantasy games devote the same amount of time to this activity.

The fantasy golf app development greatly boosts the interest of people in watching golf matches on TV and various broadcasting platforms which is indicated by the continuous growth of user numbers.

What you should know before building a fantasy golf app

When you are thinking about how to make a fantasy sports app and, precisely, a custom fantasy golf app, you should understand who will be your main target audience and what expectations and preferences they have.

In the case of fantasy golf mobile development or the creation of a web game, it is crucial to bear in mind that mainly you will work with a male audience of 35-50 y.o. who will belong to the middle or upper-middle class. It doesn't mean that women or people who are younger or older than the indicated group won't be interested in your fantasy golf app. However, you should take the needs of the primary audience as the key priorities. This principle will be applicable not only to fantasy golf software development directly but also to the marketing and promotion of your app. For example, given the specificity of a typical golf lover, probably, TikTok will be far not the best choice for advertising your solution.

Moreover, you should decide on the set of golf tournaments and leagues that you want to cover in your app. Among the most popular options, based on our experience, we can name the following ones:

  • PGA Tour
  • US Open
  • LPGA Tour
  • European Tour
  • Masters Tournament
  • Asian Tour

Popular fantasy golf app features

In this article, we won't enumerate all possible features that you can add to a mobile or web solution. We won't speak about such basic functionality as user registration, profile setting, or team assembling. As you know, without them, fantasy sports software can't exist.

However, we will mention some of the most highly demanded features that you can take into account as possible choices for your solution. They will help you to reach the highest user satisfaction.

  • Players stats. It will be very convenient for users to see real-time updates in accordance with sportsmen's performance. Accurate data lets users make well-informed decisions.

  • Predictive analytics. Though it is not an obligatory feature of such apps, it can attract a lot of users. Such AI-powered features can offer unbiased insights and precise predictions.

  • Leadership charts. People like competitions and they like comparing their results with others. That's why various features like leadership charts and achievement badges can greatly support users' desire to continue competing for reaching new heights.

  • AR. The integration of augmented reality (AR) features can ensure really cutting-edge immersive experiences.

  • In-app chat. Social features boast huge popularity among users. It is recommended to create a chat for users where they will be able to discuss the scores, share their results, and communicate on any desired topics.

  • Chatbot. It's important to provide high-quality tech support to users. Nevertheless, it is obvious that it can be really very time-consuming and challenging to process all the quotes manually. Moreover, it is not possible to deal with this task in real time. A chatbot can solve this issue. It can help users to better understand the app functionality and the way how they can interact with it. A chatbot can be useful also from another perspective. It can collect valuable data about users and their behavior.

How to monetize a custom fantasy golf app?

It is obvious that after investing in fantasy golf web development or building a mobile game for sports lovers, you want to have the possibility to make money on it. And thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of such solutions, you have excellent chances to enjoy good profits. For making money on a fantasy golf game, you have several options.

  • Option 1. Entry fees. It is a common practice among fantasy sports companies to take fees from users who want to participate in some tournaments, Of course, to motivate users to participate in such games you need to allocate some percentage of the received money for financial prizes that winners will get. All the rest will be your profit.

  • Option 2. In-app ad. One of the most well-known revenue generation methods among apps of different types is advertising. By allowing advertisers to promote their brands via your app, you can earn money for your business needs.

  • Option 3. Paid features. Of course, you can launch a fully paid app but let's admit that due to this step, you can seriously restrict your target audience. Not everyone is ready to pay for a fantasy sports game. Nevertheless, you can offer some functionality on a paid basis. For example, you can offer users the possibility to switch off advertising or provide them with unique educational content that will help users to better understand sports trends and achieve better results.

Fantasy golf mobile app infographic - Benefits, Features, Market size


With the continuously growing interest of people in participating in fantasy sports, an initiative to launch a fantasy golf game is likely to pay off already in the nearest future. But to win the attention of players, you need to make sure that you offer a really high-quality and feature-rich solution that can allow them to fully enjoy the spirit of competition. That's why before proceeding to the fantasy golf software development, we recommend you carefully research the market in order to understand the trends and the products available today. Moreover, the results of this research will highlight the expectations and needs of your target audience. That's exactly what you should know to deliver a unique product that will be interesting to users. And if you need the assistance of a professional development team, at Anadea, we are always at your disposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop a custom golf app?

When it comes to software development of any type, the questions related to the costs of development are always among the most popular ones that businesses have. Nevertheless, without an analysis of the specificity, functionality, and complexity of each project, it is impossible to calculate the final amount. It is also important to understand for what platforms you want to launch your fantasy sports game and what tech stack will be required for transforming your ideas into a real product. Moreover, such variables as the number of developers and other experts who will be engaged in the creation of your solution, as well as the set deadline, also will have a huge impact on the calculations. When a client comes to us, we always attentively analyze all the requirements and factors in order to provide accurate estimates. However, if you want to know at least very approximate figures, based on our experience in building fantasy sports apps, we can say that the development of a sports app MVP can take 3-4 months and the cost will be around $48,000.

Who can help me to create a fantasy golf app?

Here, you have several options. You can hire in-house developers with the relevant skills, find freelancers, or establish cooperation with a professional software development company with a proven record. Of course, it's up to you to decide as only you know your ongoing business situation, budget, and readiness to expand your in-house team. If the variant to onboard new in-house programmers is not a very feasible option in your case, it will be the best idea to consider establishing cooperation with a company that provides software development services and has expertise in the business domain that you are interested in. At Anadea, we have all the required skills and experience for building cutting-edge fantasy sports games. And we are always open to new projects. If you have plans for building a custom fantasy golf app, do not hesitate to contact us!

What team is required for developing a fantasy golf software?

Everything depends on the exact type of fantasy golf game that you want to build. Today mobile solutions boast a very high demand. Nevertheless, if you know the needs of your target audience, you can also launch a web game for them. The project team will be assembled in accordance with the required tech stack and functionality. Typically, for building an application of this type, you may need a frontend developer, backend developer, mobile software developer (iOS/Android), UI/UX/designer, QA engineers, project manager, and business analyst.