How to Boost Your Mobile App Visibility the Smart Way

Smartphones constitute a major driving force in our lives today. Besides playing a decisive role in our day-to-day activities, the smart devices have a great impact on the modern business world. A large section of online users have developed a form of addiction to smartphones as they come with smart apps to simplify everything from easy tasks to complex financial and technical procedures. A plethora of digital platforms has contributed towards a smart way of living, which revolves around an ever-increasing number of dynamic apps with great features.

Businesses both old and new are now taking a genuine interest in this emerging sector and grooming their smart apps accordingly. The need to develop smart apps is the need of the hour as most of these businesses are thriving on their own merits and customized strategies within a competitive business world. That's the reason why building mobile apps has turned into a booming sector of late. However, a business needs to do more than just creating a simple smart app as there are plenty of businesses developing numerous apps that fall into the same category.

Initiating mobile app visibility

Optimizing a mobile app begins right from the moment the developer starts working on it and continues throughout the entire cycle. For a business house, it's very important that they submit their business app to the Android, iOS or Windows app store. The visibility of your app increases once you provide a vivid account of its usability on the app store. Prior to choosing an app from the app store, certain factors are analyzed by a user.

Consider few of the important factors that help in optimizing a mobile app:

  • Key-phrases. Irrespective of whether you are considering an app store search or a search engine result, keywords and key-phrases tend to be the most important point of consideration for you. It's always essential for you to pick keywords that are most appropriate to your business for increasing the visibility of your app around them.
  • Title. A user mostly looks out for your app title while searching for your business in the app store. The services and functionalities of your app can be depicted in a better way when you have a title bearing one of your relevant keywords. A simple and yet catchy title will help you grab the attention of your users in real quick time. This way, they are more likely to find it easier to search for your app in the app store.
  • Logo. The very first thing that catches the eyes of a user while visiting the app store is your business icon or logo. It really helps when your app carries a creative image resembling your service area. Most of the eminent brands have a cool icon or logo for their app. Twitter and Facebook are no exception to this fact.
  • Description. Make good use of all 4000 characters that you have for describing your business app. Description plays a crucial role in listing your app on the store. So, you ought to create an effective description for your app. It should yield an easy explanation of how the app works and how it can be beneficial for the users. Use lucid language and place relevant keywords for developing a precise description.
  • Category. The app should be placed in a category that matches your business area.
  • Sreenshots. Screenshots are truly important as all users want to know how your app looks and how it works. Your app provides the right call to action when you show a few attractive screenshots.

A few other factors:

When it comes to marketing and ranking a smartphone app, the number of times it gets downloaded each day gets counted. App branding is really important as well as optimizing it. Prior to choosing an app in the store, users are more likely to go through the total number of downloads that it has undergone. The higher the number of downloads, the more powerful the impact on the minds of the users is.

You also need to count upon the reviews left by initial users as they can influence the decision of prospective users to choose your app over that of your competitors. These users are more likely to compare your app with others in your industry. That's precisely the reason why you ought to establish a bridge of communication between your app building team and your prospective app users. Your app is bound to gain a strong marketplace based on the positive reviews and feedbacks posted by these users.

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