How to Create a Dating App If You Have Never Done It Before

Have you ever been in the situation where you met someone and instantly fall in love? You try to focus, calm down and find courage inside to make the first step and start a conversation with this angel. The inner fight of pros and cons takes too long and the person you wanted to talk to disappears in the crowd. This story is as old as The Odyssey itself and I guess the majority of people experienced this at least once. That's why users are so excited about dating apps.

Love will never get out of fashion, which makes it good for business. Let's take a look at modern applications and talk about how to create a dating app.

Expectations vs. reality

Unfortunately, dating services got a bad fame because of old-fashioned dating websites. There were tons of bots, aggressive ads, fake user info, and some services didn't even allow users to send messages for free. Thank God, all these things were left behind in 2012! Nowadays, dating apps have to meet certain standards.

Security is what users expect first. Who in the world would install an app that's gonna steal your personal info, bank account and bathroom selfies?! You should not only know about users' desire to create a dating app that will win - you also need to satisfy it! Modern dating apps require to connect your account with Facebook or Instagram - it's a good way to avoid fakes, swindlers and maniacs that are lurking for the next victim.

Privacy is also a big deal. Old Snapchat feature of disappearing messages became a new trend in the world of dating apps. Users feel free to express themselves this way. Some services are built around it. They create an anonymous chat where users can communicate and share their contacts within an hour. If this doesn't happen, the app assumes that it's not your match and connects you with the next person.

Speaking of privacy, nobody wants to chat with unmatched people. Communicating only with the matching ones is what users want. Messages like "why don't you respond?" are bothering, isn't it?

Intuitive user interface is the next thing in our must-have list. In dating app development you should care about good design for mobile devices. Lots of text, scrolling, small photos - that's how dating app slayers look like. If you don't want users to remove your app after first few minutes, make sure that the design pleases their eyes and makes using your app as easy as a walk in the park.

Last but not least - make something unique. There are hundreds of Tinder clones but they aren't successful. If you are wondering why, read our article about copycats and originals and why nobody needs another Facebook.

Differences and similarities

Users love uniqueness. There are dating apps with anonymous chat with random strangers, there are apps where you need to call your match first, there apps based on geolocation and the apps that connect you with Facebook friends of friends. There are also specific apps where only women can contact someone first, dating apps for Jews, Christians etc. That makes things exciting, right?

Let's look at Tinder-like apps. It's the basics of modern dating apps: pleasing interface, good security, simple browsing. All you need to do here is to swipe right or left to either like or pass on another user.

Many applications take Tinder as a starting point and create something new. Hinge is almost the same thing, except the fact that it connects you with your friends and friends of friends on Facebook and shows what you have in common. It also uses Tinder's swipe system to answer the questions about yourself. Swipe left if you don't like pepperoni and swipe right if you enjoy playing Playstation. That makes things easier, more informative and funny.

Tastebuds puts compatibility based on music tastes in the center. Bumble is Tinder with matriarchy - only girls are allowed to make the first step here. Guys have to wait and pay to wait more as they'll disappear from some lady's hive in 24 hours. Hotline is Tinder where you have to call the person you like first.

Add something special to your application and users will notice that.

Shut up and take my money!

The business aspect of dating applications is old and simple: ads, extras and premium accounts.

I guess, there's no need to explain how Ad system works here. It's the same as YouTube, free Android apps, etc. You basically get paid for posting ads in your app.

Extra features require a more detailed look because many applications use them wrong. You can't just make an app and split some regular and basic functions at free and paid ones. You won't earn a cent this way, but you'll receive a lot of hate and distrust from your community. Ask gamers why they hate DLC's in modern video games.

Instead of this, you should make something really special, like staying longer in the hive in Bumble or seeing who liked you. However, taking money for chatting or watching someone is totally wrong.

Premium accounts are like all the extras in one package and even more sometimes. In some apps you see premium users first and then the others. Premiums are always on the top in search and they have all the fame. Users are happy to pay for that.

This article is your match!

Now you know how modern dating apps look like, what users expect from them and how to make one. Remember, that your app must be secure to avoid fakes, bots and criminals, deliver private experience for users and it should be simple and good looking. Don't overuse payments for extras, make something unique instead of just cloning Tinder and I bet that your app will be successful!

Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned to Anadea blog for more helpful articles!