How to Name a Travel Agency?

The onset of the digital era took tour and travel industry to a new level. Along with maps, tour guides, handbooks and various online platforms where you can order a taxi, book a hotel or find a storage for your luggage, travel agencies have moved to the web too. All of them now have websites and mobile apps. It became easy for tourists to find a suitable service provider but the travel market players are at risk to get lost in the terabytes of information that swamps consumers in the Internet.

Where to start naming a travel agency?

The original, bright, meaningful and memorable name is as necessary as air for any business nowadays. Finding such a name is a challenging task, especially in our time when we often hear that "everything had been invented before us" and many business names are already taken. Hundreds of results with similar names in search engines is not something you want for your travel agency.

You need a business name that will allow your company to come up on the the first page (and preferably on the first place) of search results whenever someone is searching for it in Google. The name should evoke proper associations with your services and leave no room for undesirable ambiguity. It's necessary to choose the name that will be explicitly associated with your company and of course you need a high quality service and content to achieve this. But first things first.

You can find nice name ideas through a popular business name generator. However, as you are interested in names related to tourism, it's better to use an industry-specific travel agency names generator.

Alternatively, simply use ChatGPT to generate a travel agency business name for you. By simply providing a prompt such as "Generate travel agency business name" or a similar phrase, you can initiate a conversation with ChatGPT. The next step would involve ChatGPT asking you a series of questions to narrow down the options based on your preferences, such as the type of travel agency, target demographic, geographic location, and other relevant factors. With your inputs, ChatGPT will proceed to generate a list of potential business names to choose from. However, if you are not content with the options generated, ChatGPT can generate more alternatives by modifying your preferences or providing additional details.

Now let's discuss attributes of good travel agency names.

Attributes of a good business name

Easy to pronounce

Let's start with simple things. It's vitally important to find a business name that people can easily pronounce. Otherwise, how would they tell their friends about your travel agency? Verbal communication plays a big part in our lives and you can't ignore euphony. It's one thing to say, "Have you heard about Travel Fella?" and quite another - "Have you heard about R-X-Y-D-Z-Z... oh, it's too hard to spell, I'll send you a link."

Brings up right associations

"Highway to Hell" is probably not the best name for an airline company, isn't it? It's also not a good idea to name a restaurant "Odysseus" as the main goal of this ancient hero was to get back home. Besides, one of meanings of this name is "sufferer" and some linguists interpret it as "the one who angered the gods." It's not very tasty, is it? "Between Scylla and Charybdis" is another idiom from Greek mythology which makes it clear to everyone that it's a one-way ticket.

The name should reflect your company activities, highlight its best qualities and elicit only positive associations. Symbols and creativity are certainly good things. However, before you decide to apply some image to your company, make sure to carefully research all its meanings and interpretations. Eventually, djinns rather deceive travelers than fulfil their wishes. It's better to choose travel business names that don't introduce needless vagueness.


Yep, you have to differentiate your company from thousands of EuroTouring, FastTravel, BestAvia and others of their ilk. As we mentioned before, people will search your company, website or mobile app in Google and you definately don't want to appear on the last page where no customer will ever find you.

Originality is too abstract thing to clearly define how to achieve it and you have to tackle this challenge with creativity. For example, you can run a contest for your business name on social media or brainstorm name options with your colleagues. However, it's not enough to think up a list of generic travel agency name ideas and choose the most attractive one. You need a unique and unused name for your business. So, it's also necessary to examine the market to identify commonly used and trivial travel company names.

You can hire a naming agency to ease your life. The naming experts will make a research and suggest a creative name for your business but they may charge a lot for an awesome name. If it's not for you, use a travel agency name generator. It will take time but you will find some cool name suggestions for sure.


Since ancient times, bright things like emeralds, diamonds, corals and pearls magnetized people. Grey stones, on the contrary, are uninviting. The same is true for business names in general and names for travel agency business in particular. A vivid and engaging name provokes people's interest in what hides behind it. A good example is eBookingServices that recently changed its name to Tripaneer. As a result it got an ingenious and bright name that comes up on the first page in Google.

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Easy to remember

It's not the same thing to attract attention and to stick in the customer's mind. The difference between catchy travel agency names and dull ones is like between green glass and emerald. Certainly, a great quality will help make your company, website or app memorable. However, without a good brand name, it's only half the battle. Just think, why James Cameron's Terminator wasn't called "The Robot Killer." Obviously, because it doesn't reflect the atmosphere of the story, it's not as terrifying as the main antagonist is and it simply doesn't trigger the right associations. The maestro of Hollywood didn't come up with the name at just a few minutes before the release.

If consumers remember your agency name, they will tie up all your business activities with it. With a certain level of creativity, the name can turn into slang. If it occurs, it will be used in everyday life and at the same time will stay associated with your company in people's mind. This is what happened to Twitter: tweet, tweets, to tweet and other related words are now used out of the context of the global network.


The success of any business is determined by the sum of accurately selected components. Business name is one of them and, like in a good watch, all gear wheels must be in their places to make the mechanism work properly. The better components are, the higher the quality of your product will be. If you manage to create a service of a superiour quality, like Swiss watches, it will become legendary with time.

In travel industry, it's extremely important because every new name for tourists is a kind of guidebook. Travelers know that a special place should have a special name. They go to the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Niagara Falls and they are less interested in travel names like "5th avenue" or "Johnson street." They choose a travel agency and tourism service providers in a pretty similar way.

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