How to Receive Great Mobile App Reviews

The competition for mobile apps can be high, especially as more users rely on apps to fulfill their daily activities.

Combined, Google Play and the Apple App Store are home to over 4 million apps. As such, it can be difficult to stand out and gain visibility in such a crowded market.

Ratings and reviews can be crucial to gain user trust and loyalty in a store. If customers leave high reviews on your app page, you can increase your app reputation.

Ratings and reviews improve your app's rank in the app store and grow your potential consumer base. Considering these benefits, nearly two-thirds of businesses collect and implement feedback into their app updates.

Use this article to transform customer feedback into an increased number of downloads.

Evaluate your app store presence

Before you can improve your app rank, you need to analyze your app store page. When a customer clicks your app page, you need to immediately grab their attention. Most people make judgements within the first seven seconds of seeing a product.

Your app page should both explain what your app does and engage the user. You should carefully choose a title that includes keywords, describes your app, and is easy to remember. For example, the app below has the memorable title of "Homer" while also describing that it helps "kids learn to read."


The app title above also includes "kids," "learn," and "read" as keywords that help Google categorize it as an educational app for children.

The images you include on your page can also influence how a user perceives your app. Make sure the images are dynamic and include action shots of your app to draw the most effect.

Your page, like your app, should craft a unique user experience. If you create a great landing page for potential consumers, visitors are more likely to download your app and rate it well.

Encourage ratings and reviews

Considering 90% of users read reviews before visiting a business, curating a large number of good reviews can be essential for your app's success.

Reviews represent how consumers feel about your app. No one wants to download an app that is considered low quality, slow, or uninviting. Ensure that your app functions smoothly with pleasing graphics and provides value to the consumer.

You should encourage users to leave and read reviews. You can maximize your chances at receiving a review using these three methods:

1. Integrate reviews into your app experience

You can integrate reviews into your app's platform through push-notifications or plug-ins. Most users will rate an app when a notification simply asks them to click the number of stars in front of them.

Notifications provide an easy way to grab user attention and direct them to a review page. More users are likely to click on a button than actively search for where they can leave feedback.

2. Personalize responses

When a user leaves a review, you should try to personalize the thank you message. Mention a user's name or highlight their app achievements in your reply. If you respond with more customized information, your user will feel a greater connection to your brand.

As well, make leaving a review more fun. Depending on your app's branding, phrase questions with personality, include gifs, and add emojis.

Personalization humanizes your app and makes people feel a stronger urge to rate your app well.

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3. Time your request

You should be aware that asking for a review interrupts the user experience. As such, it is essential to consider when you ask for feedback.

When you ask users to leave a review, you should try to make the question seem natural. If the users are in the middle of playing an app game, do not interrupt the experience with a sudden pop-up.

For example, when a player has completed a level, congratulate their success and then ask the user to rate their experience. The user, already in a good mood, will more likely accept the notification and leave better feedback.

As well, make sure you ask for a review a few weeks after a user has used the app. Do not immediately ask for feedback when the user has only had the app for a day. Berating users with notifications and questions makes for a poor user experience that can result in users leaving a bad review or deleting the app.

Unfortunately, Apple recently highlighted that businesses cannot incentivize leaving reviews. Still, the user experience should be incentive enough to make people want to write a great review for your app.

Improve your app store optimization

Good ratings and reviews increase your app store rank. Improving app store optimization can be essential to your app's success as users only scroll through the top results before clicking an app.

Almost 60% of people read ratings and reviews before downloading an app. Both Google Play and the App Store weigh feedback when ranking apps and having even a few good reviews can increase your ASO. Below a customer left a 4 star while the app has an average of 4.6 stars with 28,888 responses.

Yahoo Sports

Research shows that reviews with 4 stars or more have led to better conversion rates. As well, most users don't click on apps that have an average rating of 3 or below.

Google Play highlights the value of ratings through its search results as when users search they find the app's icon, name, and ratings. Google Play shows how ratings can correlate to conversions as most people consider ratings before clicking the page.

Customer feedback plays an important role in gaining visibility for your app. Collecting great reviews will boost your ASO and promote the quality of your app.

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Increase your downloads with great reviews

Great reviews present your app as a worthy use of time. People appreciate apps that can offer value and entertainment. Reviews allow people the opportunity to express their thoughts in an honest environment.

App stores recognize the importance of evaluating user feedback into their ranking algorithm. If Apple or Google presents poorly crafted apps consistently then users may not trust the validity of the platform. As such, receiving high ratings helps users, the developer, and even the store.

Emphasize the importance of ratings and reviews in your app marketing strategy. As you receive great reviews, your app store rank will rise and more users will know about your app. Once you gain visibility, more users will download and leave reviews, creating a great customer cycle.

This is a guest post by Emily Clark. Emily is a writer for The Manifest, designing surveys and reporting on mobile apps and app development trends and news. She also assists with social media efforts.