Cool Ideas of Xmas Gifts for Geeks and IT Engineers

Christmas is a favorite holiday for both children and adults. The pre-holiday fuss is always accompanied by the search for suitable gifts for relatives, friends and colleagues. People always want to choose something original and at the same time useful and pleasant. It's easy enough to please a little boy with a toy car or Lego building blocks. And that is another story to make an adult happier with a gift, especially when he or she interests in the stuff you don't know much about.

The profession of a programmer is special - sometimes you don't understand what he talks or thinks about, as software developers have their own language, peculiar interests and humor. Choosing gifts for engineers is fun. There are a lot of fun gadgets and unusual solutions like engineering toys for adults that programmers would sincerely appreciate. After several years in a team of IT people, I accumulated some experience in a matter of choosing gifts for them and I would like to share that experience with you. In this article you'll find great ideas of gifts for geeks and IT professionals everything from useful to entertaining. It also can fill out your own wish list. Here we go!

Cool gift ideas for software engineers

In this part you find geek tech and gadgets that will help programming and will always come in handy. It doesn't matter whether a programmer is a professional or an amateur, he spends a lot of time at a monitor. Most programmers might need a second monitor for efficient coding. Oriented in a portrait fashion they have much less dead space out to the side. There are tons of screen sizes, brands, types and resolutions to choose from.

Gifts for geeks

Ergonomic and silent keyboards and mice are also great.

A wireless trackball, Logitech Wireless Trackball M570, for example, supports programmer's hand and stays at one place. The cursor is moved by rolling a ball while a trackball remains stationary on the desk.

A vertical mouse like Evoluent VM3R2-RSB Vertical Mouse 3 with buttons laid out in a vertical twist allows a wrist to be in an ergonomic position on the surface of the desk.

A keyboard is an indispensable thing for software engineers, like pianos for musicians. Therefore fast and convenient typing is no less important for computer programmers. An ergonomic keyboard with mechanical switches, like Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches, has a special place in the list of the best gifts for engineers.

Any experienced coder can tell you that it's impossible to be creative when being surrounded by chatty coworkers. Headphones blocking external noise, for instance, OUCOMI Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone, can help keep you focused on the task. Such a gift undoubtedly would please any coder.

Monitor stands. While shopping for a monitor, people check its characteristics and ignore the stand it comes with. Many monitors won't let you adjust the height of the screen. That's the case when different types of monitor stands could become an excellent gift.

Massage chair pads. While coding, programmers have insanely long hours sitting and often get stiff. Vibrating or kneading with rolling balls, or Shiatsu massagers would be a great gift for a web developer.

Other cool geek stuff for Christmas stockings

IT people are living, well, in two worlds - in the real world and on the other side of the screen. Nevertheless, like everyone else, they like holidays and gifts, especially with the true meaning of Christmas. Are you ready to sustain another avalanche of ideas?

  • You can find awesome programmers T-shirts and mugs at almost any geek store. Believe me, even if they already have hundreds of t-shirts, they will be delighted with another cool one.
  • Give them the experience of playing with robots. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone, Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo, as well as Hexbugs battlebots and other robotics creatures are great engineering gifts for programmers.
  • Wood Trick 3D puzzles, nanodots and other brain teasers are terrific. You say, these are for kids? Almost all programmers are children in their hearts.
  • Hobby gifts. Any programmer is a human, isn't he? In addition to ones and zeros, he still likes something else. Maybe he dreams of riding? Or he likes reading or traveling, or video gaming. Xmas gift for software developer does not necessarily have to be related to programming.
  • There are lots of gadgets and USB-devices like solar chargers.
  • There are always sweets and treats in specialized stores. You can buy chocolate or sweets in the form of keyboard buttons or an edible computer mouse.

At the time of presenting the gifts for engineers, some mystery is needed. So do not neglect the Christmas packaging, which will make your gifts look especially attractive. Good luck in finding the best Christmas gifts for your IT friends and co-workers!