IT duel 2017 Anadea

IT Duel 2017: "The Battle of the Bots - Hexagon"

Intellectual competitions are a great way to improve coding skills both for those who are making their first steps in programming and for seasoned software engineers. Solving brain teasers and tricky tasks develops the ability to think outside the box, to review the problem from different angles, to learn new algorithms and to delve deeper into the subtleties of the programming language.

For novice programmers, among other things, participation in IT contests and competitions is a good training before a job interview. It helps to hone their skills in programming and to acquire the new competences needed for the work. In general, taking part in such events is a valuable experience and we are glad that the IT duels organized by Anadea give this experience to everyone interested.

IT duel 2017: how it was

This time, "The Battle of the Bots" was held on September 30, 2017, across three cities - Dnepr, Minsk and Grodno. Anadea organized the event in cooperation with HTP, EventSpace and I Coworking Hub. The registration for IT Duel 2017 started on September 13 and stayed opened until the beginning of the competition.

The point of the competition was simple: to create a bot that knows how to play the logic game called Hexagon and to win. The tournament was divided into rounds. In a round, each team had to play a match with each team of its city. During the duel, there were various events aimed to alter the course of the game. For instance, there appeared new types of game fields.

This year the event gathered more than 100 participants and as many fans. At the first stage, 35 teams - 9 from Grodno, 14 from Minsk and 12 from Dnepr - competed in the playground of their cities. Teams from Minsk competed within Minsk teams, Dnepr within teams from Dnepr, and Grodno within Grodno playground. Three leading teams from each city progressed to the grand final.

During the long hours of the tournament, all participants could enjoy a refreshing snack that helped them to keep focused.

Now in more detail about the competition in each of the cities.


IT duel 2017 by Anadea in Grodno

The event in Grodno took place on the premises of High Technology Park. The registration of teams in a game platform started at 11 am. Some participants came with their own team, other gathered a team on the spot.

We are pleased with the interest shown by students of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno. Guys watched the flow of the game and the teams with great attention. Hopefully next year they will shift from spectators to participants.

A special thanks to Yuriy Voytukevich, the head of the Department for Regional Development in Grodno Region, and to Evgeny Rovba, the head of the Department of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno for opening words for teams. The Department of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics of the Yanka Kupala State University was the first in Grodno that took an interest and active part in our IT duel.

The moderator gave unique access codes to representatives of each team, participants were briefed about the rules and the game began. In Grodno, the finalists were:

  • "Partisanen" (3rd place) - it was the first time the team had been participating in such a competition. Great result!
  • "/n/r" (2nd place). It is worth mentioning that the team came to the competition after 12 am, when the rest of the teams had already an access to the game platform and were familiar with the rules. They had a head start and took the honorable 2nd place.
  • "Romashka"(Chamomile) (1st place) Keep it up!

These teams represented their city in the final battle. A set of photos from Grodno is here.


IT duel 2017 by Anadea in Dnepr

The duel in Dnepr took place in the Coworking Hub on Chernyshevskogo street. Every team found its own perfect place for work: some occupied cozy couches, some comfy bean bags, and some settled at desks.

From the first minutes, teams went to action. Supporters could enjoy the abundance of releases and interesting solutions. The entire event was marked by a spirit of thrill and intellectual creativity. Each participant, like a real warlord, developed his/her own strategy and tactics of the battle. Some used trial and error method, others got a jump on writing a complex and "clever" algorithm.

For a long time, it remained a mystery who would become a winner: several leading teams were constantly changing places in the standings. Only in the last minutes before the end of the tournament it became clear who would proceed to the international grand final. Eventually, the following teams became the finalists from Dnepr:

  • 3rd place - "Drop table teams" with the bot written in Java;
  • 2nd place - the team with a creative name "1@$TPI_@©€", the bot in Ruby;
  • 1st place - the mysterious team "No name", their bot was written in NodeJS.

There are photos and video from the event.


IT duel 2017 by Anadea in Minsk

The IT duel in Minsk took place on the set of Eventspace, with the information support of and High Technology Park. The competition gathered like-minded people who are passionate about programming and ready to devote Saturday to their favorite occupation.

The winning places in Minsk were divided as follows:

  • The first place took the team with a creative name "Your left little finger" [editor's note: translated from Russian]. Each member of the team was presented with a gaming headset.
  • The second place - the "Meowtechs" team. The players became the happy owners of power banks.
  • The third among the top teams became "Turtles" [editor's note: translated from Russian]. Their prizes were thermo mugs, very timely for the coming winter.

The set of photos from Minsk you can find here.

The grand final

9 strongest teams from 3 cities competed in the final game. The absolute winner was the team "Your left little finger".

IT duel 2017 by Anadea winners

"Chamomile" from Grodno took an honorable 2nd place. The third place was occupied by "1@$TPI_@©€" from Dnepr.

The winners got valuable prizes (headsets, power banks). The rest of participants got memorable gifts.

The event concluded with an after party. While eating tasty pizzas, all participants were sharing their impression about the event and communicating with Anadea's experts on professional topics.

Many thanks to all participants and audience!