IT Duel 2018

IT Duel 2018: "The Battle of Bots - Mars Rover"

Space exploration has been thrilling the best human brains for many years. Only 400 years ago, with the advent of telescope, astronomy started to make a rapid progress. And in the early 20th century there were the first satellite launch, the first human space flight, walk in open space, and space missions to other planets of the solar system.

The firework of tech innovations applied to space exploration did not leave us indifferent. This year we dedicated IT Duel to the space thematics - exploring territories and gathering valuable minerals on Mars.

In 2018 the event took place in 3 cities and on different days:

How it was

The virtual uncharted territory of an unknown planet spread out in front of participants. Each team ran a rover to explore territory and gather valuable minerals. The main task was to write firmware so that the rover could carry out its mission as effectively as possible. Or at least better than other players.

Dmitriy Selin, the author of IT Duel 2018, says that the Battle of Bots ran a bit differently this year. Players had one task in which they needed to score points. Pauses between rounds allowed teams analyze the work of their software and fix bugs without emergency rush. Some participants, who played previous IT duels, based their strategy on providing a simple solution in order to quickly score some points, and then improving it. However this approach didn't work this time and brought fewer points.

Ilya Bibikov, the member of "Bibikov Ilya" team (it should be mentioned that Ilya played alone) shared his impressions with us:

"The task was interesting, it was in for a treat. There was nothing difficult for me, except to figure out at the very beginning how the infrastructure is equipped and how to run it. I liked that the game was going in stages, not all the time, and the topic was interesting".

The distinctive feature of our IT Duels is a unique spirit of joy, teamwork and intellectual creativity. This year's duel was not an exception. As always, the event was not without pleasant surprises - tricky puzzles, yummy prizes for instagrammers :) The toppers were awarded with valuable prizes.

Drum rolls!

The list of winners of IT Duel 2018


  • 1st place - IT-Crowd
  • 2nd place - Parkit
  • 3rd place - Smeshariki


  • 1st place - It's OK
  • 2nd place - Hawks
  • 3rd place - Bibikov Ilya


  • 1st place - Lidresar
  • 2nd place - Monkey Wrench
  • 3rd place - JRover

A big round of applause for all our winners and participants!

Some photos from the event:

IT Duel 2018 in Dnepr

IT Duel 2018 Dnepr - start IT Duel 2018 Dnepr - in progress IT Duel 2018 Dnepr - general

IT Duel 2018 in Minsk

IT Duel 2018 Minsk - start IT Duel 2018 Minsk - in progress IT Duel 2018 Minsk - general

IT Duel 2018 in Grodno

IT Duel 2018 Grodno - start IT Duel 2018 Grodno - in progress IT Duel 2018 Grodno - general