Anadea Inc. Internal Mini-conference

Anadea Inc. Internal Mini-conference, January 20, 2016

Christmas and New Year holidays are over, all the champagne is gone, the tree is put away, the lights are taken down and the new working year has started. On the 20th of January 2016, the new Anadea Inc. mini-conference was arranged.

The employees of our three offices gathered around the screens to listen to Maxim Romashchenko who spoke about the mission of project-managers and once again recommended to get acquainted with the book of Kent Beck. He mentioned some methods described in this book that come in handy for extreme programming. For example, at a project start, it is necessary to think it up in full scale and only after that proceed to the practical implementation.

Then, Evgeniy Maslov appeared in front of audience in Dnepropetrovsk, all other offices could see him on the screens. He compared such things as siteprism and page object pattern. To illustrate his speach, Evgeniy used slides that were kindly prepared by Aleksey Lavrukhin. In the course of the comparison the following pros and cons of tools were shown.


  • Capybara DSL +
  • Flexible driver selection +
  • Works with the logical elements +
  • Speed +
  • Simple integration with CI +
  • Selectors -


  • Works with a real server +
  • Specifically suited for using with Cucumber +
  • Works with html-elements of the page +
  • Less dependencies +
  • Speed –
  • Doesn't work with headless-browsers –
  • Complicated integration with CI -

The conventional completion of the report was answering the questions of the audience. After the speakers left the stage with an ovation, the auditory turned to digesting the received information along with enjoying pizza and coke.