Keep up the good work, Buyfolio!

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For Zillow’s fourth acquisition, the Seattle-based online real estate company has purchased Buyfolio, a collaborative shopping platform where home shoppers can search, track, organize and discuss listings with others...

This is a special case for our team. Many customers notice that Buyfolio is a very powerful and nice-looking website, although not many of them know how much efforts it took to do this job. When Zillow acquired Buyfolio, they were amazed that this service had been built by a small development team from Ukraine. A team that consisted of four to five people. But what a team it was!

We started working on the project in 2009 but the first successful release of Buyfolio was done in 2011. It attracted many users immediately. This fact inspired the developers to continue doing the great job.

Now they have something they can be proud of. The project has over 6000 unit tests, nice design and a great number of features including flexible integration with web listings - the feature that is always desired by all customers of real estate projects. The development team which had always had very warm relations inside it got new members after the project became a property of Zillow.

Also, we consider Matthew Daimler, the first owner of Buyfolio, as part of the team. His participation in the development process is invaluable. Being a very dynamic person (Matthew travelled across over 40 countries) he passed his energy to the rest of the line-up and helped others with motivation and correct understanding of overall objectives.

Buyfolio team and Matthew Daimler are working together

We are very happy that Zillow valued our achievements. We hope that Buyfolio will continue growing and blossoming. And we will continue doing our best to make it happen. Keep up the good work, Buyfolio!