ListingDoor on ABC-13 News

ListingDoor Featured on ABC-13 News

ListingDoor on ABC-13 News

The project ListingDoor, which Anadea has been working on since 2012, was recently featured on popular news resource ABC-13 Eyewitness News.

The key benefit of this service is that the home sellers do not have to pay the real estate agent's commission, which greatly reduces the cost of selling homes. There are also options to get the help of professionals (photographers, writers) and other useful features.

The technical side of the service is well handled too. Everything is fully automated. Users can create marketing materials for selling houses and populate them to various promotional channels almost instantly:

"Everything that we have created is automated. It's all drag and drop technology. And where they can create their marketing tools to sell their own home literary in less time than it takes to have a cup of coffee."

Home sellers still have to do a lot of work, e.g. answer phone calls, walk with potential buyers through the house and negotiate. However, ListingDoor is already a great tool for "For Sale By Owner" home sellers and the technology doesn't stand still.