Minsk IT duel 2016

Minsk IT Duel 2016: "The War of the Bots" - Results

Minsk IT duel 2016

On July 31st 2016 the first "War of the Bots" took place. It was organised by Anadea together with Space. The participants have enjoyed competing with other teams, with technical requirements of the battlefield and with the training bot.

In the stout fight the team "Humbert Humberk" outran the leader of the first half of the tournament and won. This team got the main prize - tickets to the "BuildStuff" conference. The second place went to "True Burger" team aka "Random Makes Right". Their gaming strategy was rewarded with gaming headsets. Guys from "John Cena" team got the third place and will now be able to charge their gadgets with new power banks.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the team "Tesla Model S" won the special prize for the first victory over the training bot. Only six teams managed to beat the training bot within the tournament time, but it was "Tesla Model S" whose members were the first to achieve this.

The winners of the tournament received valuable prizes, and all the participants got memorable gifts from the organizers.

You can fins a detailed photo report of this event here.