Alexey Derkach: Load testing with Locust

Anadea Inc. internal mini-conference on October 1st, 2015

The new mini-conference was held in Dnepropetrovsk office Anadea on Thursday, October 1st, 2015. The speakers were Alexey Derkach who reported about benefits of load testing with and Andrey Bakuta, who spoke about proper organization of CSS. This time everybody who attended the mini-conference and watched it in the online broadcast had a pleasure to enjoy a great sound quality thanks to the microphone and stereo-system. At 5:30 pm the hall was already full with the audience of about forty people.

The first speaker Alexey Derkach: Load testing with Locust

Alexey Derkach: Load testing with Locust

Alexey Derkach opened the conference with a salutatory address which smoothly went on to his report. He talked about the problems of load session with JMeter – about resource capacity of this tool, its unpredictable behavior, inconvenience of debugging, issues with BeanShell and poor customization. Then Alexey presented a list of possible alternatives and reviewed one of them –

Locust attracted his attention because it is written in Python language and it has a name logical for load testing. He spoke about advantages of locust – that this load test is written in pure Python, it is extensible, easy to use and capable to run a large number of tests simultaneously. Alexey also reviewed cons of Locust. However, he also showed how to bypass them or convert to pros.

The second speaker Andrey Bakuta: BEM methodology for organizing CSS code

Andrey Bakuta: BEM methodology

After allowing the audience to ask questions and answering them, Alexey handed the microphone to Andrey Bakuta. So the conference moved on from the testing topic to frontend. Bakuta highlighted the problem of loss of control in CSS and illustrated it by gif-animation where Peter Griffin struggles to open blinds.

Andrey talked about the fact that the correction of code in one place can break something in another, that it may be unclear where to put styles and often it’s easier to code the page from scratch than change an existing one. He found a solution in BEM methodology (Block – Element - Modifier). The details of this method can be found in an article published in Anadea blog on the eve of speech.

Party after conference

The conference was traditionally ended with a party with pizza and cola during which everyone could talk to speakers and discuss all interesting points.