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Offshore development lessons from Matthew Stibbe

Our good customer Matthew Stibbe, with whom we had the pleasure to work on his HR management system Turbine, has published a noteworthy article recently - "Offshore development for beginners." In his article, Matthew substantiates an opinion that outsourced developers can be as efficient as on-site ones, while being even more preferred in some ways:

"Fundamentally, there is no difference between a programmer (or a designer or a tester) based in an office in London and one in another part of the world. They’re either good or bad, talented or useless, collaborative or ego-centric. [...] Going offshore is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, most of the applications you use every day were built ‘offshore’."

Matthew outlines some important lessons he learnt through his own experience with outsourced teams. He shares his recommendations regarding finding great developers, reducing risk of hiring nasty ones, building relationships and managing projects with remote devs. From our own experience we know, that there are some tricky sides of offshore development and the article provides useful tips of how to avoid them. We were very pleased to notice that Matthew emphasizes the importance of many things in customer-developer collaboration which we constantly use in our practice.

This article can be very helpful for start-ups and companies seeking for developers or experiencing problems with their current teams and we invite everyone interested in aspects related to building efficient offshore development teams to read Matthew's article.

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