Dealing With Legacy Code

Our Guest Post about Legacy Code and Refactoring on SourceSeek blog

An article written by our Head of Sales dpt Vadim Kondratiev was published on SourceSeek blog. This article is dedicated to the overview of the "Legacy Code" concept and provides insights on the following:

  • What is legacy code and when does the code become legacy?
  • Why developers tend to re-write the code from scratch while customers often prefer to refactor the existing code,
  • What non-technical savvy person may not know about code refactoring (but should).
  • What is the role of code review?
  • How to deal with broken automated tests in a professional manner.
  • And many more.

The author stresses on the importance of code refactoring and justifies the time and cost involved in doing it in a proper way. We invite you to read this article here.