Interview with SourceSeek

Interview with Vadim Kondratiev: The Art of Software Estimation

Our Head of Sales Vadim Kondratiev was recently interviewed by Dave Hecker, Co-Founder at SourceSeek.

Interview with SourceSeek

Vadim and Dave talked about various aspects of software estimations. They pointed out that a perfect software estimation, such as providing and keeping exact quotes that are so highly praised by many customers, has a negative side. Fixed quotes force the developers to sacrifice some valuable things, including close communication with the customers and implementing their feedback on the go, which reduces the quality of the delivered software applications.

In fact, working out the best approach to estimating projects is something we dedicated a lot of efforts to. The essence of our experience in this area is expressed in the article How to Solve Agile Estimation Problem by Vadim Kondratiev published in our blog.

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