Training in the Workplace: How an Employee Engagement App can Help

Updated on 19 August, 2021

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Introduction to employee engagement mobile app facilities

As the digital world is advancing by leaps and bounds, today, we have some very good employee engagement mobile apps which can help to train employees in the workplace. Getting good manpower is a tough thing but to train them according to your own company norms and requirements is yet another tough job.

Many companies recruit personnel that are only responsible to train their newly recruited trainees and also to engage employees in the workplace. The companies have to invest substantial resources and efforts in these activities. But, with the help of employee training and engagement apps, the burden can be significantly reduced.

Such an app provides ongoing training programs in order to maintain employee engagement and also to raise awareness about the company's key vision and principles. The app also offers a way to directly engage employees and help them thrive in the workplace with better actions and thought process.

Various benefits of an employee engagement software during workplace training

  • Attract talent and recruit the best employee:
    Such an app not only lets you make your recruitment system very transparent, but also lets the world believe that your organization is quite forward thinking.
  • Interactive:
    An employee engagement platform helps the employees interact with each other. Through this app, the employees can build a good rapport and relation with their team members. With these mobile apps for employee engagement, you can bridge communication gaps and clearly place your business goals and agendas in front of your employees.
  • Time efficient:
    This app helps employees grow their knowledge and boost their skills while they are commuting to work, while travelling or while sitting in the doctor's waiting room. They can access their daily work, schedule their pending tasks and also chat with other employees.
  • Reducing costs:
    An employee engagement app helps to decrease the HR expenditure. Various important notifications can be made on the app such as swap a shift, book time off, scheduling meetings, etc. The staff can also submit an annual leave form and view the status of their request in the app.
  • Training for more productivity:
    Through such an app, employees can track their performance and ask tips on getting better. Employees can know their potential areas for development and also monitor their hours worked.
  • Helps to increase employee engagement goals:
    This app can help the employees monitor their progress and also work harder to reach their assigned goals. Important tips are given to the employees for betterment.
  • Easily create new plans and programs for employees:
    The digital features help you chalk out new plans and new goals for your employee engagement program. You can customize your new plans, launch them and then track the progress.
  • Help to increase overall employee success:
    Through this app, employees can complete their challenges, get rewards, foster team building and achieve other key objectives. Such apps help to organize, display and keep track of the work done so far.
  • Rewards and recognition:
    Such apps keep a very transparent working structure in the company. Employees who have worked hard and reached their goals are given rewards and recognition on this digital platform which can be accessed by everybody. This motivates the employees to work smarter and better.
  • Track progress sitting on your desktop:
    Such apps have remote access features, which help you track individual progress sitting at your desktop. You can also track the progress of others, which helps in bringing healthy competition.
  • Create your alumni:
    Employees often change jobs due to better prospects but if they have made a very good social circle in their previous company, they can stay in touch with their colleagues through an employee engagement app. They can often plan alumni meets where they get to interact with their old colleagues.

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Top 5 employee engagement apps

There are many different lists of popular employee engagement apps on the Internet. We have picked the ones that are the most interesting from our point of view and included them into this list.

  • Blink. Blink is an end-to-end employee communication app that drives engagement between teams and individuals. Videos, announcements, and alerts can be shared on the platform and every teammate will be informed about it. There is an opportunity to react to content by comments or likes.

  • Honestly. This app enables employers to deploy pre-built surveys to collect data and generate actionable insights for more engagement. This app can be used on the key steps of an employee's journey, starting from onboarding and finishing with the time an employee leaves the company. An app stores employee data securely.

  • Inpulse. An app puts subjective opinion and hidden employee emotions to the core of an app. Inpulse helps to listen to an employee and understand their emotional response to various policies. App offers specific survey questions to understand drivers of employee feelings, pick a suitable Engagement Index, and real-time dashboard to monitor the results.

  • Teamphoria. Teamphoria suggests a solution for employee engagement surveys, rewards, and recognition, measuring employee’s influence on organizational culture. The app gives opportunities to recognize employee achievements in a fast way, create private surveys to get feedback, and use an intranet to strengthen employee relationships.

  • WeThrive. The app is based on the corporate psychology framework 4C. and serves as a motivation tool for managers. It groups employee responses on Cognitive, Capability, Connection, and Confidence scales to evaluate their engagement levels. Generated data is visualized through word clouds, along with coaching recommendations to managers on how to act on collected insights.

Final thoughts

There are various benefits of having an employee engagement app in an organization. It helps to train your employees so that you have a better workforce and manpower and they have a better working platform. Administration becomes easier. You save on paper and HR costs and you also help the employees feel that they are an important part of the organization.

As far as training is concerned, everyone is hooked on mobile devices these days. Launching a training app on smartphones, will help you get the better concentration and focus of your employees. They will be able to get smarter and trained in easy to understand visuals and graphics other than classroom theory.

All the big companies are launching their own training apps today for the betterment of their employees. Such apps help them get the best and trained manpower, which ultimately benefits the work and productivity.

This is a guest post by Tod Browndorf, CEO of Ezzely an employee engagement platform. Creating appealing contents to engage the readers all around the world is the author's keen desire. Get connected with him: Facebook, Twitter.