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What Should Web Designers Focus on During 2018

You'd think design is that one profession that requires only creativity. Well, what I am about to say will shatter your world (it won't) designers research as much as Phd student in political science. The key to a good design that works is thorough research.

If you're a designer like me who is curious to find out current mambo jambo design trends then you're on the right track. In this article you will find out 5 top priorities that web designers should pin on their desktops. Let's look at some awesome designs, shall we?

Mobile first indexation

If you've been reading similar articles then this is perhaps the 45th time that you see mobile first indexation. Why did it create such a buzz? Because it matters, it's that simple. People use their phones more than PCs and we as designers have to consider this.

Of course, right after designing the desktop view of the website, we change the PSDs and adjust the size to make it mobile responsive. But times my friend they are a changin' (Bob Dylan fan spotted). There is no new method just the order has been switched. Marketers and designers should brainstorm to come with the mobile design first and only after that turn it into a desktop view.

Responsive logo

To continue the topic … as we've figured out responsiveness is a big must. So, if you decide to continue with conventional working method and start from desktop view then please, at least make the logo responsive as well.

It may seem a small element that will go unnoticed but trust me, it won't. Having a responsive logo is going make your website look more professional and way cooler. Do you want to see what difference it makes? There is a website called Responsive Logo that you can play with to understand how they look and work. Check out if you have time.

Vivid colors and bold fonts

If something gets a "boom" reaction in design it either loses its effect quickly or stays with us. Bright color and bold fonts are such trends. Colors, contrast and eye-catching bolds emerged in the beginning of 2017 and will remain trendy in 2018 as well.

Colour On Code is a good example that illustrates how web designer combined colors to make a statement.

Colour On Code

Illustrations and animations

Static websites are not … hm, how do I put this … interesting anymore. Our goal is to design website that makes visitors stay, navigate and eventually take an action. And the best way to achieve this is through illustrations and animations. So, if you're planning the websites you're going to design in 2018, think of a powerful illustration or animation that is not off topic but rather completes your design.

If you're looking for ideas then Zoomanity is an excellent one. Look how they used Illustrations on their website.


The Killing of a Sacred Deer demonstrates how animations can be used to add to the meaning of the website.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The tricky part with animation and illustration is that they can affect your loading time. So, take that into account and make sure you stay in touch with the developers.

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I saved best for the last. My favorite trend for 2018 has to be depth. I love shadows and I do believe that they make the website stand out. Other than looking insanely beautiful, depth also serves as distinction between different sections of the website. There you go, combine the pleasant with the useful.

Adidas did a great job with adding more depth to their website. You can't really see it on this photo but oh well, I might as well try.


That's all I have for you. 5 trends that will make your website design be the next featured example in various articles. Now go open that your favorite tool and let the magic begin.

This is a guest post by Sofi Harutyunyan. Sofi is the co-founder and art director at AYYO Digital Marketing Agency. As a graphic and UI/UX designer her goal is to create designs that catch attention and stick to brain. Sofi loves Word documents as much as Photoshop and Illustrator because sharing her knowledge is part of her job. If she's not busy with design, you can find Sofi either in the classroom with her students or at a coffee shop writing about current trends in design. You can follow her on Behance.