From A-ha! To App: 5 Crucial Steps to Getting Your App Live

Steps to Getting Your App Live

It is estimated that by 2020 there will be roughly 5 million apps in the Apple Store. Combine that with the apps in Google Play, and you are looking at thousands, if not millions of competition. So, how do you get yours to stand out? What do you need to do to make it thrive when it goes live. Read on to learn about some tips you can use for that.

How Do Implicits Work in Scala?

Implicits in Scala

Programmers strive to write simple and understandable code. The less code is written, the less likely it is that there is an error in it. Scala offers the ability to write even more concise code and rely on the help of the compiler. This is achieved through implicit conversions and implicit parameters. Let's see what lies behind the magic of implicits in Scala.

5 Important UX Decisions You Don't Want To Get Wrong

Important UX Decisions

Think about all your favorite websites and apps. How do they make your life easier through their design and functionality? What innovative UX decisions (and chances) have they taken?

With sites and apps that can hire a cab, send food to your door, and provide you with credible medical advice on-demand, UX developers are making life-changing decisions every day.

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