How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Educational App

Educational app development cost

The good thing about Internet is that sometimes it contains useful information. People who want to learn new skills start their road browsing the web in search of the topic they want to learn. They can find amazing resources that help people learn to play banjo, speak Italian, play chess or even write software in Ruby on Rails.

Mobile Apps and APIs: Everything You Need To Know

Mobile Apps and APIs

If you didn't know, mobile apps and APIs are driving business growth and connections. As of 2017, Google Play Store reported 2.8 million available apps, with Apple's App Store reporting 2.2 million available apps. While originally offered as tools for productivity and information retrieval, such as calendars and email, the market has quickly expanded to the demands and needs of users.

How to Get Seed Funding for Your Health IT Startup

Seed Funding for Health IT Startup

Healthcare is an evergreen industry worldwide. As advances in medical sciences and pharmaceuticals continue, there will be no dearth of innovative ideas to launch healthcare based startups. In all probability, most health startups will be IT-based. Primarily because IT now touches almost every sphere of our lives.

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