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At Anadea, we work with our clients to bring their visions and dreams to life through custom software development, web development, and mobile app development. Our experienced technical team delivers high-quality products with an exceptional eye for detail. Our solutions are delivered on time and always meet our client expectations.

How Gamification in the Workplace Impacts Employee Productivity

Gamification in the workplace

Happy employees are more productive. Staff who enjoy their work perform better, work harder and stay with a company longer.

Gamification is one-way employers are making work for staff more enjoyable. Tapping into our need for instant rewards, gratification and feedback, gamification tools are an effective way to engage employees, improve productivity and reduce staff turnover.

How the IoT Reshapes the Mobile App Development Space

How the IoT Changes the Mobile App Development

All of you have witnessed the latest wave of mobile app trending during 2017. The beginning of 2018 has been marked by a few app launches that reflect this trendy element in more than one way. The cutting-edge technologies have helped in developing some phenomenal advances that have been liked and cherished by developers and users alike.

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