How to Introduce SEO Practices When Developing New Software

Introducing SEO in Developing Software

SEO has become a catchword in the digital world. As a developer, you may think it's for SEOs and marketers only. But the thing is it touches everyone on the team. Unless you develop rank-worthy software, bringing it to the Google top will be like a deadlift for your teammates. And if your software doesn't get there, it'll lose a lot of exposure to potential customers.

6 Amazing Tips to Improve M-Commerce UX


If you've ever used your smartphone or tablet to do some online shopping, pay bills, redeem coupons, or board a flight with your e-boarding pass, then you've just contributed to the growing customer base of mobile commerce users.

10 Tips to Improve Usability of Your App

How to improve usability of your app

Today, we have millions of apps that are available in different marketplaces such as Google Play Store and Apple Store. In order to minimize congestion on their screens and be a high-quality product, mobile apps focus on the interface design that works effectively. One of the tricks that mobile owners use is the review of the user experience.

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