5 Ways Educational Apps Can Help Improve Students' Performance

How Educational Apps Can Help Improve Students' Performance

Smartphones and tablets are very popular among students of any age. They communicate via social networks, listen to music from online services, watch videos, read books or play games. In addition to that, the media market offers a wide variety of educational apps which may boost students' performance and prepare them for further education.

How to Achieve Better Engagement Through eLearning Automation

eLearning automation

If you're offering online courses, your goal is mainly focused on improving student engagement. As enticing a program may seem, keeping people engaged is still a challenge. Abandonment, irregular logins and average attendance are all problems that present an obstacle between you and your students. To improve on this, you must improve student engagement and take your courses' conditions to the next level.

How Micro Animations Improve UX

Using micro-animations to improve UX

These days engagement is the name of the game when it comes to websites and apps. Brands know that competition in the marketplace is fierce, attention spans are short, and customer loyalty can be fickle. Therefore, websites and apps need to focus on user experience - making a site or app genuinely engaging - interesting or genuinely fun to use, fast loading and intuitive.

Innovative Trends in Medical Software Development 2019

Medical software development trends

Medicine is an area where technology is always welcome. The transformation of healthcare with the help of digital technologies is happening all over the world. How do modern technologies shape the direction of healthcare software development, and what prospects are drawn in the future? How will this affect patients, and what benefits will physicians receive? Let's find out.

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