Chatbots In Healthcare Industry: a New Remedy for Old Problems

Healthcare chatbot

Modern medicine is technological medicine. Health institutions are moving from analog to digital, mastering computer analysis and forecasting systems. Technologies in healthcare are not only the latest medical equipment but also industry-specific software that automates work processes. One of the promising areas is the chatbot application in healthcare.

Should You Incorporate the Social Media Into eLearning?

Social media in eLearning

Traditional classroom studies have been more or less the only language learning solution for centuries, but it all changed so drastically in the last couple of decades. Today, we have many different ways to master a foreign language, from classical textbooks and online teaching courses all the way to social media learning.

How AI and Bots are Changing Project Management

AI and bots in project management

Project management is all about initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing a task at hand to reach a specific goal. All these phases are overseen by project managers. Since project managers are also responsible for team management, risk evaluation, and the overall success of a project, the post requires special skills.

Data Privacy Instruments - Advice for Businesses and Consumers

Data privacy instruments

Data privacy issues have exploded in seriousness in the last few years, which turned data breaches into a prominent topic of discussion. Businesses, both online and offline, now have to seriously consider data privacy and how their consumers' information is handled. With regulations such as GDPR rearing their head, this topic cannot be avoided.

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