The Secret Lives of Chatbots


Chatbots work just like AI robots. They are programmed to operate according to a predefined set of instructions. The more a chatbot interacts and learns new things, the smarter it becomes. They use the text-to-speech technology to deliver responses in a simulated human voice or text boxes. Chatbots are typically used in dialogue systems for various practical purposes.

Objectives of Business Signages and How to Design Them


Businesses gain customer popularity because of the quality of the product or service that they provide. However, how do they gain customers in the first place? Well, you can definitely start brainstorming for designs because a signage is what you'll be needing to lure in customers from all over the Internet.

A 9 Step Process to Develop a Custom Mobile App

Custom mobile app

Operating a business is now more challenging than ever before in the face of growing competition from ever expanding mega-corporations and foreign imports. You have to be ahead of the trends, otherwise you will be swept away into oblivion. One of the directions that business practises are clearly headed are mobile.

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