Apple Watch Predictive Keyboard

Apple Watch Predictive Keyboard


Apple is actively expanding the capabilities of the Apple Watch. This sophisticated wearable gadget lets users make calls, receive messages and allows various forms of communication through the watch alone, without an iPhone. So it is no wonder that iOS developers are constantly outdoing each other by developing more creative and useful Apple Watch apps.

The smart watch technology is relatively new and there is a wide space for enhancements and innovations. One of the aspects requiring improvements is entering a text. As the Apple Watch doesn't have a keyboard, wouldn't it be great to have a convenient way to type the text on a small screen of the watch?

Apple Watch predictive keyboard

We have placed a fully-functional QWERTY keyboard on the screen of the Apple Watch. A tap on the screen overlaps an area with several symbols at the same time and the device itself chooses the most suitable variant – like in T9 predictive text technology.

Apple Watch Predictive Keyboard

Bottom line

Since the Apple Watch can run independently of the iPhone, there are lots of features that can be reconsidered so that users could perform them right on their wrists. Making it easy to type text messages is one of them. Messaging apps are on the rise and the users will appreciate options allowing them to chat quickly and easily without relatively large buttons of a smartphone.

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