Learning management system


We took part in re-design of eLeap - a comprehensive and elaborate learning management system. Particularly, our designers were involved in building engaging and intuitive user interface for the following parts of this e-learning portal: landing page, ecommerce system and admin panel. Here are some mockups to illustrate what was done.

Landing page. This section of the website highlights the core benefits and encourages users to try this LMS.

  • LMS - landing page
  • LMS - pricing page

Ecommerce. We simplified navigation and created clear and modern look of the ecommerce system, so that customers can easily purchase online training courses.

  • LMS - list of courses
  • LMS - course page
  • LMS - my cart

Admin panel. This section provides a clear content hierarchy and user flows with a focus on showing users the most relevant data at the right moment. The layouts developed by our designers represent in handy views all the necessary courses management functionality, including handy reports, graphs and other features needed to provide perfect user experience for training managers, administrators and trainees.

  • LMS - admin part homepage
  • LMS - user profile
  • LMS - reports