Memoryzer - Brain Game App

The scope

Sometimes the circumstances perfectly line up with our intentions and this is exactly what happened with this project. We've been devoted supporters of native app development for many years, however, we are likewise open to adopting new progressive technologies. In this way, frameworks for creating cross platform apps were in our scope of interest, even though they weren't in our active tool set for a while.

React Native caught our attention some time ago and once we got a chance to practice in it, we went ahead. The initial goal was to put together a team of JavaScript engineer and mobile app developer and let them explore the capabilities of React Native for building apps that work on both Android and iOS. As a pleasant bonus, we've created Memoryzer - a new app for fans of memory training games. You can read about what we have learnt about React Native in our blog. Here is an overview of the Memoryzer app.

What is Memoryzer?

Memoryzer is a mind app that helps you train your photographic memory and exercise your brain. The idea of the game is simple. The app displays you a 4x5 matrix with paired emoji and then hides them. What you have to do is to try to remember the disposition of all the icons and then find the matching ones by tapping on them. No pesky constraints, like limited time or number of taps. You compete only with your own previous time and clicks scores. That's it!

  • Memoryzer - splash screen
  • Memoryzer - matrix
  • Memoryzer - start game
  • Memoryzer - game
  • Memoryzer - results

This free brain training app is available on Google Play and on the Apple Store.

Android app | iOS app


Our brain game app has everything needed to do some simple memory improvement exercises and slightly cheer you up at the same time.

Key features:

  • interface with lovely emoji and smooth animations;
  • timer and clicks counter;
  • keeping track of your current game results and best scores;
  • notifications about beating your previous best score.

Team & Technologies

Technology stack:

  • React Native,
  • Redux,
  • JavaScript.

Development team:

  • mobile app development: Mikhail Tsypkin, Artem Dubrov, Vitaliy Voropayev, Daria Kovalenko, Anastasiya Bakuta, Konstantin Lesik;
  • UX / UI: Mikhail Bilenko, Yuliya Kalinichenko;
  • QA & testing: Darina Chuzhova;
  • project management: Natalia Lozovaya, Alexander Koroid.

Bottom line

It's well-known fact that daily mental training can improve your memory, concentration and cognitive skills. Memoryzer is a game that helps you to do just that! This memory training app lets you "pump up" your mental muscles in a fun way and we are going to make it even more enjoyable by adding new exciting features in the future.

Keep your memory sharp and have fun with Memoryzer!