QA Assistant

QA Assistant - test case management tool

The scope

Sooner or later, every IT project goes through the testing stage. Testing can run in parallel with the development process or can take place before the public release of the app, in any case, it's a critical element of creating reliable, fast and secure software applications.

Needless to say, that an efficient and consistent testing process requires special software tools to properly organize, manage and track all quality assurance activities. And actually there are quite many test case management tools in the market, however, we've failed to find an ideal one among them. As a result, we've developed our own test management software that implements the testing process in the best possible way, at least as we see it.

What is QA Assistant?

QA Assistant is an online test case management tool for QA and development teams. Generally it's an online application for collecting, tracking and analyzing information about manual software testing. It is used to manage test plans, test cases, test sessions, store information and monitor the testing progress.

  • QA Assistant - project dashboard
  • QA Assistant - testing result
  • QA Assistant - test case
  • QA Assistant - list of tests

Being developed by our software engineers in close cooperation with our quality assurance team, QA Assistant perfectly fits into the agile development process, allows all the involved parties (QA testers, developers, clients) efficiently collaborate and streamlines the testing activities.


QA Assistant is designed to conveniently organize and fine-tune the testing process. The tool is web-based and can be easily assessed by entire team. It facilitates testing and bug tracking through a number of features, including flexible test cases and test suits management, informative reports and intuitive interface.

Key points:

  • Usability. Flat design and intuitive functionality - nothing extra.
  • Convenient project organization. You can manage your ongoing testing projects and access all project details, including test suites, test cases and the statistics of test sessions.
  • Test cases. A test case is a set of steps executed to verify a particular feature of your app. You can use text formatting, attach files and screenshots while creating the test.
  • Test case management. All details are easily managed in a structured way.
  • Test suites. Logically related test cases can be organized in test suites, you can drag test suites and test cases to alter their positions.
  • Test playlists. For the test cases that are not connected by a common logic, you can create playlists.
  • Flexible test session logic. You can stop, pause or resume test sessions at any time and set different test case performance resolution.
  • Tracking. You can track test results and time spent on a test session.
  • Reporting. For each test session, the app generates a report that describes the status of QA activities, provides info about found defects and can be shared with all stakeholders.
  • Team collaboration. There is an option to invite other people to work together on the project.
  • History. The app keeps a full history of the test sessions.

Team & Technologies

Technology stack:

  • Scala,
  • Lift,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • Twitter Bootstrap,
  • Scalatest,
  • SBT.

Development team:

  • Vladislav Dmitriev,
  • Vitaliy Belyy,
  • Alexander Mikhalchenko.

Bottom line

We provide full-cycle QA services and having our own custom-developed test management tool is a great contribution to the overall quality and efficiency of the testing process.

If you're going to develop your own test case management software, our development team will be a great fit for your project. Contact us to discuss your idea!